Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: A tantric warns Pankaj

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Zee Tamil’s popular show Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham is all set for new twist and turns in the show.

In the previous episodes it was shown that Anu and Surya were on the way to the office. Anu saw a bangle shop and asked Surya to pull over. Surya got the bangles for Anu. The latter checked the bangles and said that he bought a wrong size. Surya tried to make Anu wear the bangles, but he failed. Anu asked him to not press the bangles too hard else it will break and it considered as a bad omen. Surya got tensed. He said that he will find a solution and will make her wear the bangles the next day.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Anu will come to the storeroom and will get shocked seeing all the files related to Devanandhini Fabrics missing. Anu will go to Pankaj and will ask where Devanandhini files are. Pankaj will say that they are going to renovate the storeroom. Therefore he shifted the files to somewhere else. Maybe he will put the files back in the storeroom after the renovation work are done. Pankaj will ask Anu to be patient and will leave while Anu will look on. Pankaj will warn the staff over the phone to not put the files back in the storeroom. Suddenly a tantric will come in front of him. He will warn Pankaj. He will say that she will definitely come and he won’t be able to stop her.

What will Anu do now? Whom the tantric is talking about?

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