Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam 8th February 2021 Written Update: Lila and Santosh grow closer

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 8th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya and Anu enquring Narayan. They keep asking him with whom he was talking. Narayanan annoys them repeating the same thing, he doesn’t know who they’re. Narayanan asks Surya about the tiger’s nail. Surya and Anu give him a taste of his own medicine and leave. Narayanan thinks how to find tge whereabouts of tiger’s nail, if he fails to find it out, he has to give the money to that goons.

Meanwhile, Santosh is giving Tithi to his deceased dad. Sangili and Ponnathal get emotional remembering Santosh’s father. Ponnathal is determined to seek justice from Annammal for her husband’s death. Sangili also vows to get justice for his son’s death. Ponnathal serves food to Santosh. She asks him to eat well. Just then Lila comes there to take Santosh to the college.

Ponnathal says today they gave tithi for Santosh’s dad and asks Lila to have food. Lila refuses. Ponnathal and Santosh insist her to have at least the payasam. Lila agrees. Ponnathal mixes vasiya marunthu (a medecine to mesmerize someone) in the payasam. Lila drinks it while Ponnathal smirks. Lila asks how Santosh dad had died.

Ponnathal tells Santosh dad died 15 years ago because of a rich man. They were forbid to enter the village and they led a life of a nomad. Santosh asks her to stop. Ponnathal takes Lila to Santosh dad’s grave. Lila gets scared when Sangili cut his hand and puts his blood on his son’s grave. Ponnathal tells Sangili does like that every year to express his anger and asks Lila not to get scared.

Krishna and Mayil are discussing about the granite quarry. Mayil tells the granite quarry owner will not wait for them and asks to arrange for the money as soon as possible. Srinivasan comes there. Krishna signs Mayil. The latter tells that he arranged for loan, but he has to pay high interest. He then asks why he has to struggle like this for money, when his son married the daughter of Annammal’s family.

Krishna says he can’t ask to them directly, they should think about supporting their daughter and son-in-law. Mayil pretends to feel pity on Krishna. Mayil advice him not to miss this good opportunity. He takes leave. Srinivasan asks what’s the need to take loan. Krishna is determined in his decision.

Lila and Santosh have a friendly talk. Sangili and Ponnathal watch them. Ponnathal tells Sangili that very soon Lila will fall madly in love with Santosh. They will defame Annammal and her family through Lila. Later Sangili advises Santosh that he should never forget his mission. Srinivasan meets Mayil. He threatens Mayil saying not to come again to his house to talk about the granite quarry.

Jayanthi and Raji see Anu dusting the furnitures, then lighting the kuthu vilaku in front of Selva Ganapathy’s portrait. They discuss about Anu, how responsible she’s in this young age. Raji thinks Jayanthi likes Anu, maybe she wants to get Anu married to her son, Surya. Raji praises Anu. She says Anu’s in-laws would be fortunate. Jayanthi thinks Raji may think to get Anu married to Chandru, so she’s praising.

They simultaneously tells Anu should become this house daughter-in-law and get glad knowing that their thinking matches. They decide to talk about it to Pushba. Padma cries remembering Srinivasan scolding her. Srinivasan comes to her. He convinces her saying he acted to scold so that his dad doesn’t send her to Annammal to get money. He apologizes to her. Padma apologizes to Srinivasan for misunderstanding him. They share a moment.

The episode ends.