Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam mahasagam 16th February 2021 Written Update: Surya gets heartbroken when Pushba talks to him about Chandru’s marriage proposal for Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 16th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Srinivasan gifting bangles to Padma. They have a friendly talk. Krishna notices them. He wonders that day they had a fight and now they’re happily discussing. He then thinks that they might’ve reconciled. Srinivasan notices his dad. He pretends to argue with Padma and leaves. Krishna understands that Srinivasan was putting an act in front of him.

Santosh refuses to get aid for his wounds. He waits for Lila’s arrival. Just then Lila comes there. She asks him why he’s not answering her calls. She was waiting for him in the park, and asks why he hadn’t come. Santosh shouts at her. He shows his grandfather’s wounds and says they got beaten for talking with her.

He further says this will be their last meet and asks her to leave. Lila says she isn’t understanding anything. Santosh reveals her that Annammal kidnapped him and his family and trashed them. Lila is certain that Annammal can’t do like that. She says the guest who is staying in their house must’ve done this. She angrily leaves from there.

Anu and Surya are discussing about Lila. Anu asks Surya why he had asked her to bring Lila immediately. Surya says Santosh is Sangili’s grandson. Just then Lila comes there and starts shouting at Anu. She says she just now met Santosh and he told her everything. She accuses Anu of beating Santosh. Anu looks at Surya. Lila keeps shouting at Anu.

Chandru comes there. He asks Lila why she’s shouting at Anu. Lila says Anu has slapped her. Chandru asks why she would’ve slapped her to which Lila replies that she had planned to go to Vellore kottai with her friends, Anu stopped her, when she was adamant to go, she slapped her. Chandru asks why Anu would slap her for such a small matter.

He asks if she had informed at home about it. Lila assures him that she inforned at home, but Anu mistook her and slapped her. Anu says Lila provoked her to do so. She adds that there’s already lot of problems in the family, so she stopped her thinking she’s also a member of this family. Lila shouts at Anu again. Chandru asks her why she’s behaving harshly with Anu. Lila says he’s not her own brother so he’s supporting Anu.

Surya comes there and asks what’s happening here. He scolds Lila for talking in a disrespectful manner with Chandru and apologizes to Chandru. Lila starts crying and leaves from there saying none is understanding her. Chandru explains what happened to Surya. The latter asks Anu to leave this matter here itself. He will handle everything. He levaes with Chandru.

Anu asks Surya what he has done with Santosh. Surya says he had asked Pankaj to explain Sangili’s family in a loving way. Jayanthi and Shakaran see Lila crying. They ask her what happened. She says everyone takes that Anu’s side. They ask her to tell what happened so that they can ask Anu. Lila asks them to leave her alone.

Krishna asks his wife to talk with Padma’s family regarding Padma’s Thali pirithu korthal function. She phones Raji and asks if they have fixed an auspicious date for Tahli pirithu korthal function. Raji says they will inform them after fixing a date. Krishna asks to talk to Shanmugam. He asks if they can come tomorrow there. Shanmugam happily agrees. Krishna says to his wife that Padma will come along with them tomorrow.

Jayanthi asks Pushba what she has decided about Anu and Chandru’s marriage. Pushba says she hasn’t talked to Anu and Subu yet. Jayanthi asks her to talk to Anu as soon as possible. If she’s feeling reluctant to talk to Anu, she suggests talking to Anu through a third person. Pushba goes to Surya and tells him about Raji and Jayanthi’s marriage proposal for Anu. She asks his opinion.

Surya becomes sad hearing this. He says he doesn’t know what to say. They should decide about Anu’s life. Pushba says she believes that being a third person, he can take a right decision and insists him to give his opinion. Surya leaves asking Pushba to talk to Anu about it.

Srinivasan and Padma discuss about going to Padma’s house the next day. The next day, Surya is on the terrace lost in his thoughts. Anu comes to him. She says she was finding him in the whole house. She asks him what happened. Surya asks Anu if her mom talked to her.

Anu asks about what. She finds him upset and questions him about the same. Pushba comes there. Anu asks Pushba what she had said to Surya sir. Pushba says that Jayanthi wishes to make her the daughter-in-law of their house. Anu shouts at her mom for talking about this matter to everyone except her. Anu understands why Surya is upset. She takes Pushba downstairs to clear this matter now itself.

The episode ends.