Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 1st February 2021 Written Update: Surya and Anu have a talk

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 1st February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu telling she will not leave without getting the land. Anu tells this challenge is about her talent and there will be no meaning for her to be alive without wining this challenge. Surya shouts Anu. Anu tells if they’re afraid they can leave. Surya tells he’s not scared. Anu tells Surya shouldn’t help her in anyway, he can stay here if agrees for this condition. Surya agrees. He tells she should not interfere in his cooking work too. Anu tells done. Subu tells what they’re doing is wrong. Surya tells Subu Anu is playing cleverly, she’s not doing anything wrong. Subu isn’t convinced and tells he prefers to leave and asks Pushba to come with him. Pushba tells she can’t leave Anu alone here, so she will stay with her. Subu agrees. Surya assures Subu Anu will not do anything that will hurt him.

The next day, Subu tells Annammal that he’s leaving for Chennai as he has some work in textile shop. Annammal asks him to have coffee before leaving. Annammal calls out Sundaram. Pushba tells she will get Coffee. She gives coffee to Subu. He drinks it. He asks Anu to be careful and leaves.

Padma’s father-in-law, Krishna meets the land broker, Mayil in a restaurant. Mayil tells he can become rich if he sells the land. Krishna tells he doesn’t understand about which land he’s talking. Mayil tells the land belongs to Annammal now. He tells Krishna to ask Annammal to give that land for Padma. He looks skeptical. Mayil persuades him. Krishna asks who’s going to buy that land. Mayil tells they’re a big people. Meera comes there. Mayil introduces Krishna to Meera. The latter tells Mayil she least bother how he will finalize the land but she wants the land for their company. Chandra phones Meera. Chandra gets angry when she tells she’s in Vellore. Meera tells she will explain him coming there. Chandra tells those people are very dangerous so be careful and don’t involve him in this. Meera agrees. She tells Mayil they will talk about the remaining things during registration and leaves.

A engineer shows the memorial plan to Annammal. He tells this will be the best design for the memorial they’re going to construct for Annammal’s husband. Sam asks if she can give a glance at the plan. Jayanthi praises about Sam saying she’s from US. The engineer tells she may not about this all, as it’s related to our tradition. Sam tells she’s also from an indian family. She checks the design but not like it and asks him few questions. The engineer couldn’t give clear answers. Sam brings a memorial model made cardboard. She explains the model to Annammal. The latter gets impressed by Sam’s idea. She praises Sam. She asks engineer to follow Sam’s plan and handover the responsibility to Sam. Sam takes Annammal’s blessings. Family members are proud of Sam.

Sam thanks Anu. She tells Annammal blessed by placing her hand over hand, it’s because of her only. Sam expresses her joy to Anu. She hugs her. Surya Prakash notices this. Anu sends Sam away saying she will come after sometime. Anu asks Surya if he’s thinking why the one who challenged to get the land is praising Sam. Surya tells she’s a small girl, he can read everything in her eyes. He tells Anu made the memorial plan and not Sam. Anu challenges Surya to read in her eyes and tell what’s in her heart. Surya thinks they both know what’s in their hearts then why this game. Anu asks why he has become speechless.

Surya sees Anu and Sundaram (Surya Prakash)talking. He calls out Sundaram. Surya didn’t hear their talk as his headphones on. He asks him to buy a charger for him urgently and leaves. Anu gets relieved. She tells next time they will talk they should be more careful as for the family he’s Sundaram. Surya tells he’s Surya Prakash when he’s talking with her. Narayanan comes there and tries overhear their conversation. Anu notices it and tells Surya. The latter calls Narayanan and asks him to buy bluetooth charger. Narayanan agrees without any option and leaves. Anu is impressed.

Annammal and Anu visit the temple. Annammal tells the head of the village Suryavamsam family will bear the expenses of temple festival. He thanks her and takes leave. Annammal asks Anu if she has habit of visiting temple. Anu tells she used to visit temple every week, but after joing in job she couldn’t visit the temple regularly. Annammal praises Anu’s upbringing. She tells in her family none will be ready to come temple. Anu tells if she tells them, they will definitely obey to her words. Annammal gives the garland to priest asking to put on God. Anu prays to God that Surya should confess his love before they return to Chennai and prays for Surya’s happiness.

A woman is shown entering the temple. Annammal is seen giving Prasadam. That woman gets the Prasadam. Annammal gets shocked on seeing that woman. She asks Annammal if how she’s doing. Annammal tells she’s great, the one who did wrong has to bear the consequences. The woman asks her to see her like she used to see her with love. She tells she has come by forgetting her past to live a peacefully. Annammal isn’t convinced. She leaves along with Saradha and Anu. The woman gives Thithi for Suryavamsam family members and takes oath of avenging her husband’s death and destroying Suryavamsam family.

The episode ends.