Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam mahasagam 20th February 2021 Written Update: Samantha gets emotional remembering her mom

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 20th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya telling that he went to Surya Prakash’s office and Meera kicked him out using the goons. He badmouths Surya Prakash’s company. Pushba says that company is a good company. One girl that she knows, works there. Narayanan asks why she’s supporting that company. When Surya glares at him, he changes his version in favor of Pushba. Annammal asks Pushba what is that girl’s name. Pushba blabbers that she forgot her name and leaves from there making some excuses. Surya and Annammal say they should show them who they’re.

Later Pushba apologizes to Surya for blabbering infront of Annammal. He says that’s fine. Then Surya gives her some tips how to handle Narayanan. He asks to take his name, Sundaram, if Narayanan questions her. Pushba agrees. Narayanan comes there. He starts questioning Pushba. Pushba applies the tactics teached by Surya. She shouts at him and takes Sundaram’s name. Narayanan gets scared.

Surya phones Chandra and asks if he’s following that Vellore project. Chandra says he’s not interfering in that project, even when Meera suggested following this project, he clearly refused her, but she didn’t listen to him. Surya says if she had listened to him, they would haven’t been in trouble now. Chandra gets worried and asks what happened. Surya orders him to cancel all the deal that’s made by Meera. Chandra phones Meera. He rebukes Meera and orders her to stop whatever she’s doing in Vellore project.

Sam and Chandru tells Annammal what happened in Krishna’s house. Surya says that Surya Prakash is troubling them through that Meera. They should teach him a lesson. Raji argues with Shanmugam. She asks him to ask Annammal for property partition. When he refuses, Raji herself goes to talk to Annammal. She asks to give their share in the property and adds that being this house’s first son, that land should be given to her husband. She Starts badmouthing Annammal and then about Shanmugam. The latter loses his cool and slaps Raji. Annammal reprimands him for raising his hand on his wife. He angrily leaves from there. Raji hurts Annammal by talking about her daughter, who run away. She says if her daughter had sent back to her house by her in-laws, she would have understood her pain. Chandru takes his mom to her room. Surya says to Annammal that Raji said like that in anger and asks not to take her words in heart. Annammal leaves from there silently. Surya says Surya Prakash is responsible for all the problems, he will not spare him.

Anu finds Sam crying. She asks why she’s crying. Sam says she misses her mom lot. Anu consoles her. Otherside Annammal is sad remembering Raji’s words. Surya comes to her. He says she hasn’t eaten anything since afternoon and requests her to have food. Annammal remains silent. Surya goes to talk to Radji. She says she hasn’t said anything wrong and she will talk like this untill Annammal agrees to give that land.

The grandsons and granddaughters of Annammal apologizes to Annammal on behalf of Raji. Annammal says Raji doesn’t understood her, she’s still unable to forget her daughter Kalyani and suffering. Padma apologizes to her on the behalf of her mom. They all convince her to have food.

Meera and Chandra visit Krishna’s house. Chandra says they’re canceling this land project. Krishna says to Mayil what’s this they’re canceling the deal at the end moment. He asks Meera what’s the reason for canceling the deal. Meera says there’s problem for him to get this land. Krishna asks them to leave and adds he will find some other party to sell that land. He thinks Annammal is behind this deal’s cancelation and is more determined to get that land.

Raji packs her luggages. She asks Annammal whether she can give that land to Krishna or not. Annammal says she’s going to fix date for memorial’s construction boomi puja. Raji threatens Annammal if she doesn’t give that land to Padma, she will leave this house. Annammal blames Surya Prakash for everything and asks to give her time to solve this problem. Anu tells a plan to Surya, then signs Sam. Anu says that they will solve this problem. Surya also agrees with her. He asks for one day time to Annammal.

The episode ends.