Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam mahasagam 21st February 2021 Written Update: Meera learns that Surya Prakash is in Vellore

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 21st February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya asking for one day time to solve Padma’s problem and adds if they fail, then Raji can do whatever she wants. Shanmugam convinces Raji and takes her to their room. Jayathi advises Surya to think before doing anything since it’s about Padma’s life. Annammal asks if they will be able to solve the problem. They assure her they will and ask her to give one day time. Annammal agrees and leaves from there.

Meera is seen sitting and playing chess alone. She wonders where Surya would have gone if he didn’t bord the flight. She’s certain that Pankaj is hiding something from her. She gets Pankaj call. He asks her why she didn’t come office yet. Meera requests him not to hide anything from her since she’s VP of the company and has the right to know. Pankaj says he can say only thing that’s she’s right Surya hadn’t gone to Switzerland, he’s in India. He cuts the call. Meera looks shocked.

Surya waits for someone’s arrival. A man comes there with a file and hands it over to Surya. Youngsters and Surya’s parents are gathered in a room. Surya asks Anu if her idea isn’t sensitive. Anu says as the matter itself is sensitive, they have to take a risk. Sam agrees with Anu. Surya asks what if their plan fails, they should have a plan B. Shakaran says they don’t understand anything. Sundaram aka Surya Prakash comes there. He gives the file to Anu.

Surya gives that file to Padma and asks her to sign it. Shakaran reads the file in loud voice. It’s revealed it’s the divorce notice. Shakaran and Jayanthi doesn’t like this idea. They ask them to drop this idea. Padma snatches the paper and sign it. Padma says she tursts her husband that he will not agree for divorce. He’s scared of his dad that’s the reason for all problems. She’s certain that he will get shocked seeing the divorce notice. She laeves from there. Jayanthi suggests to inform Annammal about it, but Surya stops her.

Krishna and Mayil are discussing why Meera suddenly canceled the deal. Srinivasan asks him to find another party. Anu, Surya, Sam, and Chandru come there. Surya glares at Mayil. Seeing the file in Surya’s hand Krishna thinks that Annammal agreed to give them the land and it’s the property papers. Sam says this is divorce paper which shocks Srinivasan and his family. Sam asks Srinivasan to sign the papers fast. Srinivasan asks if Padma has signed the papers. Chandru says they wouldn’t have made long route if Padma hadn’t signed the papers. Srinivasan gets sad hearing this. They all insist him to sign the paper fast. Krishna says his son isn’t a puppet to dance according to their orders. Krishna snatches the papers and tears it up. He asks them to go to court and apply for divorce. When the judge will ask his son, he will say Annammal is trying to separate him from Padma. He scolds them and asks to get out. They leave silently.

Padma is seen crying. Jayanthi and Shakaran bring juice for Padma and Raji as they didn’t have anything since morning. Raji says if in the given one day, they can’t do anything, she herself doesn’t know what she will do. Surya, Chandru, Anu and Sam are discussing standing in the roadside about what to do next. Sam and Anu say they felt like Srinivasan got scared hearing the word divorce. Surya and Chandru doesn’t agree with them. Surya blames Surya Prakash for everything. Anu looks worried.

Padma phones Surya to know what happened at Krishna’s house. Surya cuts the call and wonders what to answer to Padma, she will be broken, if she gets to know that their plan failed. Sam blames all the men in general saying that they change after marriage. Surya and Chandru defend the men saying all aren’t like that. Surya gets Padma’s call again, but he cuts it again. Padma worries why he’s not receiving her calls, Jayathi and Shakaran reassures her.

At the office, Meera comes to Pankaj and asks where Surya is. Pankaj refuses to answer her question and asks her to think that Surya is in Switzerland. Meera asks if he at least knows where he’s. Pankaj says Surya lied to him while leaving, but he found it out. Meera says she knows how to find where Surya is. She angrily leaves from there. She thinks Surya has gone to Vellore to protect Anu. She’s determined to defeat Anu in the challenge.

Srinivasan tells his mom that he didn’t expect that Padma will sign the divorce papers. His mom supports Padma’s decision. Srinivasan requests his mom to talk to his dad. He adds he can’t live without Padma and cries. Krishna gives a plate full of food and asks him to have the poisoned food and die. He scolds Srinivasan. He asks his wife to make Srinivasan understand that he’s doing everything for Srinivasan’s wellness. Srinivasan says he can’t live without Padma. Krishna warns him not to speak against him and orders that Krishna shouldn’t step out of this room until he gets the land. He leaves from there. Srinivasan’s mom says his dad is adamant and he will not change his decision. She suggests him to leave his dad’s house and go to Annammal’s house. Srinivasan asks how he can go, dad has ordered him not to step out of this room. His mom says she will take care of it.

The episode ends.