Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam mahasagam 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Sam decides to help Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu calling Sam by her real name Samantha. The latter gets shocked. Anu says if she’s acting, she’s also acting with her own family. She further says how she got to know about Sam’s reality through her passport. She adds that she considers her as her friend, so that she didn’t expose her to Annammal.

Anu explains Sam why she wants the land and how her parents don’t like what she’s doing, so her dad went to Chennai, her mom is with her bcause she’s adamant. She (Sam) is acting to unite his mom with her family, she is acting to make that land the temple where 5000 persons visits daily. She will make it possible with Annammal’s permission. Sam understands Anu and agree to help her. Anu also promises to help Sam to unite with her family. They share a hug. Pushba brings juice for them and they share a moment.

Surya brings tea for Anu. The latter notices a burn in Surya’s hand and asks what it’s. Surya says he burned his hand while making tea. Anu asks why he needs to all this. She blames herself. She says they should leave this place immediately, she doesn’t care if she loses the challenge. Surya calms her down. He says she shouldn’t sacrifice her challenge for this small wound.

He adds that he’s happy that he got it while making tea for her Anu brings an ointment and applies on the burn while the tile track plays in the background. They share an eyelock. Surya thanks her and leaves. Anu says Surya is bearing all this pain for her, and asks why he refuses to confess his love for her. She has been waiting for that moment since longtime.

At Surya Prakash’s office, staff are discussing about Anu. Sapna is certain that Anu will win the challenge. Meera gets irritated hearing the same. Later Meera share a talk with Pankaj about Anu. Pankaj says that Anu can to get a place in Surya’s heart if she wins this challenge. Meera is determined not to let this happen.

Krishna gets to know that Srinivasan left the home and went to Padma. He decides to use this to trouble Annammal. Other hand Mayil reveals to Narayanan that Anu is a staff of Prakash group of comapanies and she’s staying in Annammal’s house to get that land. Narayan refuses to believe him. Meera comes there. She shows Anu’s photo taken during her working hour. Narayanan gets shocked. Meera asks him to do whatever he feels correct and says sHe leaves saying he will not leave that Anu who made him work as her assistant.

At Annammal’s house, everyone is getting ready for Boomi puja. They all gather in front of Annammal’s husband portrait to pray before leaving. Narayanan comes back home. He finds Anu smiling. He says this will be the last time she’s launching in this house. He will teach her lesson for cheating him.

The episode ends