Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 27th January 2021 Written Update: Surya misses Anu

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 27th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the flashback. Meera tells Chandra that she would’ve convinced Annammal if he didn’t hurt her sentiments. Surya is confident that Annammal will herself contact them to sell her land. The man who took them to Annammal comes there with Narayanan. He tells it’s not possible. Annammal will neither contact them nor will agree to sell the land so he has brought Narayanan who is brother of Annammal’s husband, Selva Ganapathy. Narayanan flatters Chandra. The man tells Narayanan also has share in that land and have more percentage of share than Annammal so if they buy his land, they will get the whole land. Meera questions him why he took them to Annammal then. He could have at least inform them before. Chandra stops Meera. Narayan tells if they do land registration the next day, they can start to built their factory. Chandra tells he will not leave them if any problem arises at the time of registration. Narayanan flatters Chandra again. Meera tells they should take their lawyer’s opinion before deciding anything. Chandra tells Meera they will pay the advance, in case of any problem they will ask them to repay it. They tell they believe them so they won’t take any advance. Narayan tells the next day after registration, he will take 1 crore from him. Chandra tells just 1 crore, he thought they would ask 10 crores for the land. Narayanan regrets of not asking a big amount. He thinks anyway he will get money by selling someone else’s land. They take their leave.

The next day, Narayanan and his complicit wait in the register office. Narayanan tell that they should sign the document and flee with the money before they register a police complaint against them. Meera and Chandra come there. Chandra is about to give the money to Narayan, Annammal comes there with Surya and the village people. The latter questions who they’re to sell her land. Narayanan’s complicit asks Surya to put some sense in Annammal. Surya angrily holds his shirt’s collar. Narayanan asks him to leave his collar. Surya asks Narayan if he’s not ashamed to let his family down for money. Annammal asks if he will betray the family who give him food. Narayanan apologizes to Annammal. Chandra tells they’re not at fault as Narayanan came to them. Surya asks if he won’t cross check the documents before buying. He’s very arrogant that he thinks he can buy anything with his money. The village people tell they did wrong by selling their lands to them and ask them to leave the place immediately. The village people decide not to let them construct their factory in Vellore. Flashback ends.

Surya Prakash asks Anu if she understands now the Vellore project’s problems. He asks her not to go to Vellore, he will talk to Meera. Anu tells she feels more confident now. Surya asks her not to be stubborn. Anu tells what can’t be done with money, can be done with love. Anu further tells he made her head of Devanandhini sarees trusting her. She asks him to trust her in this too. She wil change the fact that their company wasn’t able to construct the factory there. She’s giving this challenge to herself. Surya gives the files related to that project to Anu. Surya tells he knows she won’t back off so he brought it. Surya asks her to be careful and tells she can call him when she needs any help.

The night, Anu is packing her bag. Subu comes back home. He asks Anu where she’s going. Anu tells she has to go to Vellore to compelete an important project. Subu says but what the need to leave at night time. Anu tells this is an important project. Pushba is worried where Anu will stay in Vellore. Subu tells her company must have arranged for her accommodation and asks Anu the same to which Anu agrees. Subu asks who goes with her to Vellore. Anu tells she’s going alone. Subu asks her to be careful. Pushba asks if that girl (Samantha) found her bag. Anu tells yes and it’s a big story. Subu asks what they’re takling about. Pushba tells she will explain him later. She asks Anu to tell that girl to visit their house when she will come again to Chennai.

Sam teaches Lila driving. Anu reaches Vellore. She’s trying to find Sam’s address by asking to the passer-by. One boy tells Anu that Sam is living in Annammal’s house. When Lila is about to hit a child, Anu saves that child. Anu’s leg gets sprained. Sam gets happy on seeing Anu. Sam asks Anu why she hasn’t called her to inform about her arrival. Anu tells she wanted to surprise her. Anu hisses in pain. Sam scolds Lila saying all this because of her. Lila apologizes to Anu. Sam takes Anu to her house. Anu is mesmerized seeing the house. Sam asks her to go inside to know more about Suryavamsam. Anu thinks God has brought her to the place where she wanted to come. Sam takes Anu inside. She introduces Anu to Annammal. Anu takes Annammal’s blessings. Annammal asks what happened to Anu’s leg. Sam tells Anu got hurt while saving a child. Annamal asks Saradha to bring oil to remove Anu’s leg sprain. Annammal asks why she has come to Vellore. Anu lies to make documentary film. Jayanthi gets excited hearing this. Annammal asks Anu where she will stay. Anu tells she has to make arrangements and asks Sam to refer any good hotel. Sam and Annammal ask Anu to stay in their house until her work get done. Sam asks Lila to put Anu’s luggages in her room as she will stay with her. Saradha removes Anu’s leg sprain. Jayanthi tells they all like her and says there’s some connection between her and this family.

At Chennai, Surya comes to the office. He stops at Anu’s desk remembering all the recent happenings. He misses Anu. Just then he receives Anu’s call. Anu says he picked the call in one ring and asks if he was waiting for her call. Surya lies no. Surya asks how she’s doing, where she’s staying. Anu tells she’s staying at Annammal’s house. Surya is stunned. He asks what she’s doing there. Anu tells him everything. Surya tells he can’t believe, so much suprises in one day. If anyone hear this, they will say it all preplanned. Anu tells even their first meeting day was full of surprises. On seeing Pankaj, Surya asks Anu to take care and cuts the call. Surya tells Pankaj it seems like Anu is going to win the challenge. Meera who comes to office hear this. Surya tells Anu is staying at Annammal’s house as a guest. Pankaj can’t believe this. He says if it’s true Anu should be appreciated. Meera gets shocked and angrily leaves.

At vellore, Surya gets suprised on seeing Anu. He asks what she’s doing here. Anu teases him saying Samantha called her to identify the real thief. Just then Annammal calls everyone to the hall. Annammal tells that her husband’s 75th birthday is
coming so she planned to prepare a feast for the whole village and gives that responsibility to Surya. She further tells that she has decided to build a monument in honor of her deceased husband in their family land. Anu looks shocked.

The episode ends.