Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 30th January 2021 Written Update: Surya dresses as a cook to enter Suryavamsam family

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 30th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suryavamsam family selecting sarees. Jayanthi calls out Sam. Anu and Sam come. Jayanthi asks Sam to take the saree she wants. She asks also to select a saree for her mom. Jayanthi and Padma select a saree and asks Sam to take. Sam gets confused and asks Anu to select a saree for her. Subu tells the saree seller that he doesn’t know how to sell a saree. He picks the sarees and explains. Anu asks him to stop.

Subu tells he’s just helping them. Jayanthi asks Subu how he knows about sarees. Subu tells he’s expert in this and he’s about to tell Anu is the head of Devanandhini sarees but Anu stops him. Subu wears the saree and shows to them. Pushba angrily asks him to stop insulting them in front of all. Pushba angrily leaves. Subu goes behind her to console her. Sam asks Anu she’s not worried about her parents fights.

Anu tells they often fought like and in few minutes they will reconcile. Anu takes Sam and Surya to her parents. Subu and Pushba argue with each other after sometimes they become normal. Pushba apologizes to Subu. Sam asks Pushba down they were fighting like cats and dogs and here they’re showing romantic film. Subu tells fights are common in relationships and she will understand it better when she will get married. Surya tells Sam to remain the way she’s and he’s ready to comprise anything for her.

The cook tells Saradha that she has some emergency in family so she has to leave immediately. She needs leave for 15 days leave. Saradha asks the cook how she will manage if suddenly tells. The cook tells she has called a male cook from Chennai. Surya disguised as a cook makes his entry. The cook tells he cook very well and they can trust him. Saradha asks her to explain everything to the new cook and leaves.

The cook takes Surya outside. She tells for the first time in life she has lied. Surya assures her and gives her money. Narayanan sees them. The cook asks why he wants to act as cook when he’s billionaire. Surya tells he will not cause any problems to this family members. The cook asks Surya to be careful with Narayanan. She truns to leave and finds Narayanan there. He asks the cook where she’s going, who he’s. The cook tells he’s her relative. Narayanan asks Surya why he gave her money. Narayanan asks why he’s quite. Surya tells the cook told that none respects him in this house.

Surya asks the cook to leave, he will handle Narayanan. Surya asks what’s his problem. Narayanan keeps questioning him. Surya tells him he’s a Police and Annammal called him. Narayanan gets shocked. He humbly asks Surya why Annammal called her. Surya tells to catch the thief. Narayanan thinks Annammal called Police to catch him. Surya tells Narayanan not to tell anyone that he’s Police.

Anu, Subu and Pushba visits Annammal’s land. The engineers that Anu has called from Chennai to measure the land, come. Anu gives the engineers the details about the land and asks them to prepare a report on this land. Anu asks them to survey the land on which they’re standing separately and subit the report to her. Anu tells a memorial will be built her and there shouldn’t be any damage neither to the memorial nor to the company. She also asks them to keep it confidential. She asks to submit the report the blueprint the next day.

Subu tells it’s wrong to do like staying at Annammal’s house. Anu tells she’s doing everything for everyone’s betterment. Subu tells but it’s wrong to do without Annammal’s knowledge. Anu says nothing will happen without Annammal’s knowledge and Surya also will not allow such things to happen.

Mayilvaganam comes there with goons. He asks the engineers to stop. Anu tells she knows everything about him. Annammal told her everything. She asked her to measure the land. She leaves with her parents. Annammal calls out Saradha. She asks where’s everyone. Saradha tells they all went out. Annammal asks to prepare the lunch before everyone comes back. Saradha tells that the cook went for 15 days leave and his relative will cook until she returns.

Annammal tells how to accept a male as cook. Just then Surya brings juice for Annammal. The latter asks what’s his name. Surya tells Sundaram. She asks what are the dishes he knows to cook. Surya tells a long list. Annammal asks him to cook some items then she will decide whether to keep him or not. Surya asks Narayanan to help. Narayanan comes there and agrees to help him.

The episode ends.