Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 31st January 2021 Written Update: The land broker visits Meera

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 31st January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Narayanan bringing the ingredients for cooking. Narayana asks Surya how he’s going to cook everything. Surya jokes saying he (Narayanan) will cook. Surya further tells he has ordered food from online and asks Narayanan to bring the food parcels inside without anyone noticing, till that he will rest. Narayanan agrees. Narayanan asks who will pay the amount. Surya tells he already paid the amount and Annammal gave the money.

Suryavamsam family visits Padma’s in-laws. Raji is glad that Padma is happy in her in-laws. Jayanthi tells Padma took a correct decision. She praises Padma. Raji asks Padma’s in-laws to find a date to perform Padma’s post wedding ritual, “Thalli pirithu korthal”. Padma’s mother-in-law tells them to fix a date, they will agree with Annammal’s decision. Padma tells Jayanthi that they should fix Sam-Surya’s marriage during the post wedding ritual. Jayanthi agrees. Her daughter-in-law will also marry the boy she loves. Raji asks her son-in-law to take care of Padma. They take leave.

Narayanan brings the food Parcels. Surya asks him to do fast before Annammal come. Saradha comes to kitchen to check. Surya pretends to cook. Saradha tells he can stay here if he’s able to impress Annammal. Later Annammal tastes the food and appreciates it. She tells he can stay here as cook. Saradha notices some chicken pieces kept apart. She asks Surya about it. Surya tells it’s cooked by Narayanan. Saradha finds the kitchen clean. Saradha asks it doesn’t look he cooked here. Narayanan blabbers Sundaram(Surya) didn’t cook. Surya covers. Saradha tastes the food. She tells it tastes like in restaurants. Narayanan blabbers once again saying this food are cooked in restaurants. Surya handles the situation again. He meant he has cooked in restaurant’s style.

The land broker Mayil visits Meera. The latter is surprised on seeing him. She asks him how he can cheat her and Chandra like that. Mayil asks her to forget the past. Mayil tells he will conclude the vellore property deal legally, she can pay his commission once she will get the land. Meera asks what about that Narayanan. Mayil asks her to leave him, he cheated him by giving fake documents. He further tells he saw a girl instructing the engineers to measure the land and it seems Annammal asked her to do so. He has come to finalize the land deal with her before Annammal could sell the land to someone else.

Meera shows Anu’s photo and asks if she’s that girl. Mayil tells yes. Meera asks if her parents were with her and where they’re staying. Mayil tells the girl and her parents are staying at Annammal’s house. Meera gets shocked. She angrily asks if Annammal won’t enquire about people before letting anyone to stay at her house. Meera tells that land should be sold to their company and that too should happen through her. Mayil tells there’s a girl in Suryavamsam family Padma who recently got married. There is some ennemity between Annammal and Padma’s father-in-law. They can the land through the father-in-law of Padma. Meera gets happy. She warms him not to think of cheating her again.

Poorni joins at staff nurse at Meera’s house. Everyone comes back home. They all sit to have lunch. They find the food delicious and praises Saradha. Annammal tells a new cook prepared the lunch. She calls out Sundaram. Surya comes. Subu, Pushba and Anu get shocked on seeing Surya there. They trio stands up saying sir. Surya signs them not to say anything. Narayanan notices it. Annammal asks why they’re shocked on seeing Sundaram. They cover saying one family member was cook in the military. Annammal asks them to sit and have food.

Subu, Pushba and Anu are discussing why Surya has come here disguised as cook. Anu thinks if Surya has come for her. Surya brings milk for them Pushba asks Surya why he’s foing all this. She tells it pains them to see him like this. Subu tells he’s doing wrong by acting as cook. Surya tells he’s also doing wrong. Subu tells their situation is different they have come for Anu.

Surya tells he has also come for Anu. Anu smiles looking at him. He can’t be quite knowing that Anu can land in any trouble because of Suryavamsam family. He doesn’t mind if he will get that land or not, but Anu should be save. Subu tells he understands his care but what’s the need for himself to come. Surya tells if they want, they can leave tomorrow forgetting the land and Meera’s challenge. Anu tells she will not leave this place until she gets that land. Surya looks on.

The episode ends.