Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 3rd February 2021 Written Update: Chandru warns Sangili

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 3rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ponnathal father-in-law, Sangili and his friends having liquors. Sangili expresses his anger for Annammal and Selva Ganapathy. He takes vows to avenge his sufferings and his son’s death.

Lila wakes up Anu. She asks Anu to teach her Rangoli. Anu tells she will come getting freshen up. Lila opens their house door. She gets scared on seeing a creepy doll and shouts. Anu comes running asking what happened, followed by other family members. Everyone gets shocked. Annammal tells she knows who did this. She asks Sundaram to throw the doll out. Annammal tells it’s their rivals work. Anu worries for Annammal’s safety as her name is written on the doll. Annammal assures nothing will happen to her and asks Pushba to take Anu inside. Chandru asks who did this. Annammal tells it’s done by Sangili. It’s 15 years old rivalry. Annammal tells she’s not scared of all this. Sangili considers them as his ennemy, yesterday they come across his daughter-in-law and Sangili got released yesterday. Annammal tells she will teach him a lesson. Annammal’s sons tell they will handle Sangili and leave.

Krishna tells his wife that a golden opportunity is presented to them and they shouldn’t missed it. Mayil comes. Mayil tells there’s granite quarry for sale and asks Krishna to buy it for his son. Krishna asks what’s the quarry value. Mayil tells 15 crores. Krishna gets shocked. He tells he can’t afford such huge money. Mayil asks him to sell Annammal’s land and buy the quarry with that money. He asks him to talk to Annammal as soon as possible. Krishna tells he’s thinking of asking it during Padma’s Thali pirikum function.

Lila is seen going to the college with her friends. A man snatches her bag. Lila tries to stop him. In that process her assignments note fall in the mud. Lila is upset as she has to submit the assignments that day. Santosh gives his assignments note to Lila, who after hesitation, accepts it. Santosh smirks.

Shanmugam, Shakaran and Chandru come to Ponnathal’s home. They ask Ponnathal to call her father-in-law. Sangili comes. Shanmugam tells Sangili that his son got punished for his crimes as per the village’s rules so this is not fair to show his anger on them. Shakaran tells he got released from jail yesterday but he didn’t change at all. Sangili and Ponnathal asks what they’re talking about. Ponnathal apologizes on the behalf of his father-in-law. Sangili asks why she’s apologizing for the crime he hadn’t committed. Shankaran tells they shouldn’t take their rivalry to the next generation then they will not be able to control them and they will not be responsible for anything will happen with them. Chandru argues with Sangili. Shanmugam asks him to calm down. Sangili asks them to do whatever they want and walks away. Shanmugam and Shakaran warn Ponnathal and leave.

Ponnathal asks him not to do anything in hurry and let her handle this matter in her way. Sangili is determined to take revenge on Annammal.

A man informs Meera that Surya is choosen to give an award from their organization. He asks to mail her information regarding Surya to write a cover story. Mayil phones Meera. He tells he talked to Krishna and soon the land will come to her hands. Meera asks him to handle this matter carefully and cuts the call. She smirks thinking she will buy the land before Anu.

Lila asks Santosh why he’s not writing exam, if professor send him out as he hasn’t submitted the assignments. She feels bad for him. He asks him to come with her. He holds his hand and takes him to the professor. She explains the issue. The professor advises him and allows to write the exam. Lila asks him to study well so that her mom will feel happy. Lila tells him if he accepts to be just friend, he can talk with her. He agrees and they shake hands.

Anu asks Sundaram(Surya) to make a tea for her. Surya teases her. Anu tells if they get this land, they can leave to Chennai. Surya asks if she still believes that they can get that land. He tells there are lot of problems in this family, so it’s not possible to get that land from them. Anu tells if the problems are slowed they can buy the land. Surya tells it’s not that easy. First they should wait for the sons of this house to return to know what happened.

Chandru, Shanmugam and Shakaran come back. Chandru angrily expresses what happened at Ponnathal’s house. Annammal asks him to calm down. They tell Sangili prentended that he didn’t anything, but they’re certain he did. Shakaran tells Ponnathal assured them that this will not happen again. Annammal tells if she takes this matter to the head of the village, Sangili family will get banished from this village. Shanmugam suggested registering a police complaint. Annammal tells no need for Police complaint. She warns Chandru not to anything to teach them a lesson behind her back.

The episode ends.