Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 4th February 2021 Written Update: Narayanan plans to kill Annammal

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 4th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya getting a client call. He asks the client to contact Meera, as he’s in vacation, but the client tells she’s non recheable. The client asks Surya the updates on their project. Surya gives him details. Annapoorni calls out Surya. Surya cuts the call and takes water for Annapoorni. Surya’s phone rings.

Shanmugam answers the call. Shanmugam asks the caller to speak in Tamil. He cuts the call and wonders why Sundaram gets call from foreign. Jayanthi comes there. Shanmugam tells her the caller is speaking in English. Jayanthi talks to the caller. As she also doesn’t understand him, she takes the phone to Sundaram. Anu speaks to the client. She tells Surya is busy in cooking and he will call him later. Jayanthi asks why a cook gets foreigners call.

Anu tells the call was from five star hotel where Sundaram worked previously. He knows English, one cannot work in five star hotel without English knowledge. Jayanthi asks but it was a foreign number. Anu admits it’s a foreign number but they called from Chennai. They called him to work again for them. Jayanthi tells she understood what Anu told. Anu asks Sundaram if the client is from Japan. Surya tells he doesn’t remember. Since one year, he has been forgetting things. Annapoorni praises Sundaram’s cooking.

Sangili and his friends are playing cards. Sangili expresses his hatred for Annapoorni and his family. Narayanan comes there. He tries to joint hands with Sangili against Annapoorni, but Sangili tells he knows his intention, he wants to become the single owner of whole property, if he kills everyone. Sangili and his friends make fun of him. Sangili asks Narayanan to leave before he kill him.

Mansi phones Meera. Mansi taunts Meera. She asks if a small girl Anu is going to success the projet that she couldn’t get it. Meera tells that project wasn’t successful because of Chandra. Mansi tells if Chandra couldn’t have get that project she should have completed it. She scolds Meera and cuts the call. Mansi asks Chandra’s phone. She saves Anu’s number. She phones Anu. Mansi introduces herself to Anu. Mansi tells Anu she should somehow win this project for Chandra. She wishes Anu and asks her to update after completing the project. She cuts the call.

Narayanan meets few goons. He tells the goons to kill Annapoorni. The goons hesitate. Narayanan tells this is small village, no CCTV cameras so there’s less chances to get caught. The goons still hesitate. They agree when Narayanan tells he will give them 10 lakhs. He gives them advance money. He tells the plan. The goons leave. Narayanan tells if he has killed Annapoorni when Sangili was in jail, the blame would come on him but now Sangili will be accused. He scared Annapoorni by hanging the creepy doll with Annapoorni’s name so anything will happen with that family, the blame will be put on Sangili.

Shanmugam and Lila are playing Carrom. Shanmugam asks Chandru to play as he’s having back pain, but Chandru refuses. Anu comes downstairs. She joins Lilla and Shanmugam. She asks Chandru to join them. He agrees. They all happily play. Saradha and Jayanthi come there. Saradha tells Jayanthi that Anu and Chandru pair look perfect. Jayanthi thinks Saradha was right, if she gets them married Surya roota will cleared. She thinks of talking about this to Pushba. Jayanthi shares the same with Shakaran.

Ragupathi pretends to speak on phone seeing Subu. The latter avoids him and walks away. Ragupathi stops him. He asks where’s Anu. He heard that Anu has gone to Vellore for project and Surya has gone to foreign, maybe Anu has gone with Surya to foreign. Subu scolds him and leaves. Ragupathi tells Sampath that he doubts that Surya and Anu have gone to foreign together. Sampath mocks him. Ragupathi scolds him walking away. Sampath sends a voice to Anu asking if she’s in touch with Surya at least in phone call. Anu sends a voice note saying he’s talking with him face to face.

Anu and Surya have a talk. Annapoorni comes downstairs getting ready for temple. Narayan tells Sangili has just got released from the jail, so it’s not safe for her to go alone. Annapoorni tells this her native place so no one can harm her. She leaves with Saradha. Narayanan thinks Annapoorni her game will over today. Sangili got released at correct time, but he will go to jail once again because of him.

The episode ends.