Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam mahasagam 6th February 2021 Written Update: Krishnan puts up an act before Padma to get Annammal’s land

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 6th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandru threatening to kill Ponnathal’s family. Shanmugam asks him to be quiet. Ponnathal tells them she will not leave their family until she gets an answer and walks away.

At dinning table, Padma serves food to Krishna and to Srinivasan. Krishna tells that he met Mayil and he told about a granite quarry that’s available for sale. Srinivasan tells they don’t have enough money to buy a quarry, plus they don’t know anything about this field. Krishnan tells they can’t start any business after gaining full knowledge. Padma agrees with him. Srinivasan asks how much they’re telling. Krishna tells 15 crores.

Srinivasan, Padma and Krishna’s wife are shocked. They tell they don’t have such huge amount. Krishna tells they have their house, they can get 15 crores by putting their house on mortgage. His family doesn’t agree with him. Srinivasan suggests to do any small business which doesn’t require huge investment. Krishna is adamant. He tells he has decided to take loan and buy the quarry with that money. He’s going to meet Mayil regarding this matter and leaves. Srinivasan’s mom tells Kriahna is stubborn and they can’t change his decision.

Narayanan scolds the goon for not being able to kill an old lady. The goon tells Annammal has come in another car so they couldn’t execute their plan properly. He asks him to give half of the decided money as they got badly trashed by that driver. Narayanan refuses. He tells they weren’t able to complete the given task and also one among them left a clue behind. If the driver finds out them, they will get jailed so he asks them to go undercover. The goon tells if they get caught, they will tell his name. Narayanan tells they can’t prove that he had hired them to kill Annammal and leaves.

Sangili and his wife are waiting for Ponnathal’s return. The latter comes back. They ask her if they insulted her. He tells he will handle this matter and asks her to lead a happy life with her son. There will be a death in Annammal’s family in the next two weeks. Ponnathal tells he can’t escape after killing someone. She further tells her son, Santosh, will take avenge his dad’s death. He will defame that Suryavamsam family and asks Sangili not to do anything till that.

Lila and her friend are going in bike. They notices Santosh walking limping. Lila offers to drop him home. He agrees. She asks him to hold on to her shoulders. Santosh smirks. Jayanthi tells Shakaran to come with her to talk to Pushba about Anu and Chandru’s marriage so there will not be any obstacle for their son, Surya and Sam’s marriage. Shakaran advises her not to get involve in other’s matters. As she doesn’t want to listen to him, he asks her to do whatever she wants, but he will not come with her.

Lila drops Santosh at his house. Santosh introduces Lila to his mom. Ponnathal thanks her. Lila takes their leave. Later Sangili tells Santosh not to get happy so soon, he has lot more to achieve. Ponnathal tells that Lila should become mad in his love and has to say she can’t live without him. She threatens to kill Santosh if he fails to trap Lila in his love.

Krishna’s family is trying to change Krishna’s decision of mortgaging their house. Krishna tells that Mayil thinks it’s very easy for him to arrange 15 crores as he’s Annammal’s relative. Village People will mock them and tell Srinivasan doesn’t get any support from his in-laws if they get to know that they can’t arrange for money. Padma tells she will talk to Annammal regarding this matter.

Narayanan comes back home. He wonders where Surya would’ve hidden the tiger nail and searches for it. Chandru comes there. He mocks Narayan and leaves. Narayanan continues his serach in the kitchen. Anu asks him what he’s doing here at this time. She asks him to talk softly so that Surya’s sleep doesn’t get disturbed. He makes some excuses and sends her back. Then Pushba comes. Narayanan makes excuses again and sends Pushba back too. Surya wakes up from sleep. He warns him saying not to come back here searching for anything. Narayanan gets scared and runs away. Surya chuckles.

The episode ends.