Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam mahasagam 7th February 2021 Written Update: Jayanthi talks to Pushba regarding Anu’s marriage

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 7th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jayanthi and Pushba discussing Anu’s marriage. Jayanthi asks Pushba if they aren’t searching for a groom for Anu. Pushba tells her about the prvious proposal they got for Anu. They got to know that the groom’s dad is greedy, so they called off the wedding. Jayanthi asks her will they agree if they get a marriage proposal from a rich family. Pushba tells they don’t mind about the groom’s status, they just want the boy to be a good person, who belongs to Anu’s age group. Pushba asks if she has someone in her mind. Jayanthi replies positively. Jayanthi asks if Anu loves anyone to which Pushba says no and adds Anu will not go against their decision. Jayanthi suggests that first she will talk to boy’s parents then she will let her know. Pushba expresses her gratitude for taking care of them. Jayanthi thinks of speaking to Raji and Annammal regarding Anu and Chandru’s marriage.

Srinivasan tells to Padma that she’s very innocent and he’s scared that someone misuses her innocence. He asks her not to believe his dad and refuses her to talk to Annammal about the granite quarry. He advises her to talk with him before taking any decision.

Anu feels bad on seeing Surya sleeping on the floor between the mosquitoes. She thinks he’s suffering for her. She’s waiting for the day when he will confess his love for her. She puts the table fan near him. Surya wakes up. He asks Anu what she’s doing here. Anu asks why he has to suffer like this. She suggests him to go to Chennai, she will come after completing the project to which Surya replies he had gone through all this to reach the current place, he is feeling like he’s reliving his previous life. Anu suggests him going for a walk. They discuss about the problems present in Annammal’s family. Anu asks if he ever thought about living a peaceful life. As they were discussing Anu stumbles, Surya holds her. The title track plays while they share a romantic eyelock. Anu tells she can never forget these days. Surya thinks in mind he too can’t forget the time spent with her. He tells he’s sleepy they will discuss the next day.

At the dinning table, Krishna talks about buying the granite quarry. He tells even if they mortgage the house, they can’t arrange for 15 crores. Srinivasan suggests to drop this idea. Padma also says they can’t afford such huge amount. Krishna says she’s also started thinking like Srinivasan and asks what about what she told yesterday. Padma tells Annammal will not refuse anything she will ask for. Krishna doesn’t agree with Padma. Srinivasan suddenly shouts at Padma stating she doesn’t even know how to cook, the food is tasteless. He scolds her and walks away. Padma cries. Krishna asks her not to worry, he might have got irritated due to the business pressure. Krishna thinks he thought to trap Padam in his talk and get Annammal’s land, but his plan flopped.

Lila comes to college by car. Her friends tease her. Lila tells Annammal strictly told her to take car for college. She searches for Santosh. Just then she receives his call. They have a friendly talk. Santosh tells he was expecting that she will come to take him to the college. Lila asks how she can come to pick him up, when she herself came by car, then tells about Annamal’s order. Santosh tells he will reach college late as his leg is paining and also some guest have come. Lila takes her friend’s scooter and goes to pick up Santosh’s. Otherside Santosh family make arrangements to give tithi for Santosh dad.

Anu calls Surya. He doesn’t respond. He turns when she calls him Sundaram. Anu tells everyone in the family got impressed with his heroism. They will not hesitate to give him the land, if he asks them. Surya reminds her that she told she will not take any help from him. Anu tells her turn will also come and she will get also promoted like he got promoted from server Sundaram to bodyguard Sundaram. Narayanan disturbs their conversation. Surya signs Anu to leave. Anu obeys. Narayanan asks Surya where he has kept the tiger nail. Surya questions him why he’s showing so much interest in that tiger nail. Narayanan says he will try to find the culprit. Surya plays with words and asks him not to disturb him when he’s talking with Anu. Jayanthi comes there. She tells Narayanan three people insist to meet him. Narayanan panicks and runs to meet them Surya finds something fishy.

The goons blackmail Narayanan. They ask him to give 30 Lakhs else they will reveal to Annammal, Narayanan hired them to kill her. Narayanan tells he doesn’t have money. The goons threaten to kill him if he doesn’t give them money in two days. They leave. Narayanan wonders what to do.

The episode ends.