Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: Anu expresses her desire to Surya

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As we reported earlier, in the latest episode it’s shown that Surya offers Anu a new job. He tells Devanandhini’s sarees profit has increased and he gives the credits to Anu. He further tells he was thinking of making a separate unit of Devanandhini sarees and appointing Anu as its head. He was waiting for the right time to announce it but before that unfortunate things have happened. He adds that maybe this is the right time because if Anu returns to the office with a promotion it will automatically prove Anu is innocent. He thinks this’s a better way than an apology letter. Pushba and Anu are happy hearing it while Subu is skeptical. Surya leaves the decision on Anu’s parents. Subu agrees.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Anu will phone Surya. Anu will ask Surya if he had dinner to which Surya will reply he is about to have it, but got her call. Anu will apologize to Surya. She will ask him to have dinner, they can talk later. Surya will recall Sharda telling that if he got married, his wife would definitely ask him to finish the dinner before picking up the call. Anu will reprimand him in a sweet manner for answering the call while eating. Surya will say nothing is important for me than talking with her. He will ask Anu if she had dinner to which Anu will say not yet she’s waiting for her mom to make kesari. Their habit is to celebrate the good news with sweet dishes. Surya will tease Anu. The latter will express her wish to sign the promotion order in front of him.

When will Surya confess his love to Anu? How Meera will react knowing about Anu rejoing the office as Devanandhini sarees head? What’s ahead in Surya and Anu’s life?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in your favourite show Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham, keep watching the serial and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.