Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: Chandra to break down in front of Anu

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Zee Tamil’s much loved show Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham is gearing up for high voltage drama with the cops finding a dead body in Surya’s guest house. Police suspect that Mansi was murdered and that corpse is Mansi’s. However, Chandra and others are confident that it was a trap set for Surya by his enemies and Mansi is alive. It will be interesting what will happen further in the story.

In the previous episode, it was seen that Police interrogated Chandra and learned about Mansi’s missing. Police tried to persuade Chandra to register Mansi’s complaint too them, but Chandra refused since he had full faith that Mansi will return home by herself. Meera and Dheena gossiped about Anu which isn’t like by Sapna, who is Anu’s good friend. Knowing about the same, Pankaj advised Meera to keep her personal vengeance apart as they have a serious problem to deal with. Meera agreed. Dheena confessed his feelings to Ramya and asked her to decide. A confused Ramya shared with Anu about the same. Anu advised Ramya that this isn’t the right time for all this and apologized to Ramya for not being able to help her. Police enquired Meera and questioned her about her differences with Mansi.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Chandra will pour his heart out to Anu. Chandra will tell that everyone knows only a rough and tough Mansi, but apart me no one has seen a lovaable and cute Mansi. She is very concerned about him. This is another side of Mansi. Chandra will tell that he misses Mansi very much and will break down. Anu will try to console him.

What will happen next? How Anu will tackle this situation? Where Surya is?

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