Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: Maya to attempt to kill Surya

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Zee Tamizh popular show Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham is gearing up for high voltage drama with the arrival of Maya in Surya and Anu’s life.

In the previous episode it was seen that Anu persuaded her parents to return to their house as she was feeling homesick. They wanted to leave morning, but Anu urged them to leave immediately. Subu and Pushpa agreed without any option. However Anu started to miss Surya already. To her surprise Surya came there. He played cards with Anu’s family and had fun. Later Surya got ready to leave. Subu decided to go back with Surya. Saradha got upset with Anu that she left without informing to anyone, so Surya also went behind her without telling to anyone. Meera used this chance and started to lash out at Anu and told that Anu already disobeyed and went to Devanandhini old factory and fainted. Anu and Meera got into an heated argument. Pankaj expressed his love to Maya. Surya witnessed it.

In the upcoming episode it was seen that Surya will tease Pankaj with Maya. Later Surya and Anu will share a romantic moment. Maya will sense it and will send a snake to kill Surya. Anu will notice the snake and will alert Surya. Surya will catch the snake. Meera will get scared on seeing Surya with the snake. Later Meera will lash out at Anu and will blame Anu for the recent happenings. She will say that Surya life getting in danger ever since their marriage got fixed. Anu will get worries hearing this and will tell to Surya to cancel their marriage which anger Surya.

Why Maya attempts to kill Surya? What’s her enmity with Surya?

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