Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: Meera to learn about being fooled by Anu and Ramya

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Zee Tamil’s popular show Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham is all set for some major twists and turns in the show with Meera confronting Anu.

In the previous episode it’s seen that Chandra and Dheena asked Anu about the ball since she was seen lastly with that ball. Anu said that she put that ball back and she did not know where the ball is now. Later Ramya found Anu with the same ball staring into space. Ramya questioned Anu about the ball. Anu acted weirdly without answering the questions. Ramy threw the ball and took Anu inside. Later Pankaj warned Ragupathi to not try to plot anything against Surya and chased him from the guesthouse. Meera got elated when Surya asked her how she was doing and had a talk with her. However her happiness was short lived. Surya ignored Meera when Anu came there and got busy with Anu.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Meera will confront Anu. Meera will say that Anu knows why Surya has called all of them here on the pretext of project, still she’s deliberately doing like this. Anu will look puzzled. Meera will say that Anu is acting as she does not know anything. That time Ramya will come to call Anu as Surya will be waiting for Anu in the garden. Anu will blame Ramya for all the problems. Ramya will look confused. Anu will say that Ramya told Meera that Surya made all the arrangements for Meera and included her in this. She also confirmed whatever Ramya told as true without any option, but now she’s being blamed. Anu will ask Ramya to tell Meera the truth. Meera will ask what truth they are talking about. Ramya will reveal that she lied and they used to play such games this in their college.

What will Meera do now? Will Anu find out about her previous birth?

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