Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: Pankaj talks to worry Surya

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Zee Tamil’s popular show Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham is gearing up for high voltage drama with Pankaj’s talk worrying Surya.

In the previous episode, it was shown Sharda met Pushba to talk about Surya and Amy’s alliance, but Pushpa will share her worries and will request Sharda to make Surya understand that this is wrong. Pushpa then met Poorni and apologized to her for her rude behavior.
Ramya and Sambath reassured a worried Anu. Surya informs Anu that he will come home the next day to talk to Subu regarding their marriage. Anu got worried.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Pankaj will tell Surya about Pushpa meeting Sharda at the temple and Pushpa disapprove this marriage. Pankaj will advise Surya to think again about his decision as they can’t leave back their past and he is decision can put Anu in danger like it happened with Devanandhini in the past. Surya will get worried. Sharda, Mansi, Chandra and the servant will discuss a couple who married with huge age gap differences. The husband has recently passed away. Mansi and Chandra will blame the groom, who married a younger girl than him. Surya will shout hearing this which shocks his family. Anu will tell Pushpa and Surya to come to their house to talk to Subu and will seek Pushpa’s help. The latter will ask Anu to phone Surya first and tell to not come if she wants her help.

What will happen next? Will Surya talk to Subu or Pankaj talk changed his mind?

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