Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: The goons bring Anu back to Surrender

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Zee Tamil’s popular show Neethane Entha Ponvasantham is gearing up for more drama with Anu living separately in a house to perform a special puja for Surya.

In the previous episode it was seen that Anu wore a burqua in order to fool Surrender’s goons. Anu spotted Surya’s car and asked to stop the car showing her hand. However Surya failed to recognize Anu as she’s covering her face. Surya drove off. Anu fainted after running some distance behind the car. A Muslim family rescued Anu and took her to their house. Surya reached the place asked by Surrender. Surya got mad not finding Surrender there and called him. The latter asked Surya to come to a place. The Muslim family asked Anu to tell them what her problem is, but Anu refused. Surrender asked few goons to find Anu. The latter took lift in that goons’ car to reach main road. The goon identified Anu when she revealed her Face for a while.

In the today’s episode it’s be seen that Surya, Lanka and Rangées reach Surrender’s location. Surya asks Surrender where Anu is. Surrender asks Surya to sign in the document in which he admits of killing Devanandgini.Surya demands to see Anu before. Surrender lies to Surya and tries to convince him to sign the document. However Surya is adamant. Surrender’s men inform him that they have catched the girl’s photo ge shared. Surrender gets elated. Other hand Chandra files Anu’s missing complaint in the police station. Later Surrender’s men bring Anu there. Anu asks Surya to not sign the document.

What will happen now? Will Surya sign the document? Will Anu and Surya escape from Surrender?

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