Nehmat and Naaz to carry forward Udaariyaan legacy.

Udaariyaan to hit leap from 19, September. The show will see new faces. Reportedly, Sonakshi Batra, Twinkle Arora & Hitesh Bharadwaj are the new leads of the show.

The post leap story will again focus on love triangle between the new leads. Introducing the upcoming twist, Tejo and Fateh dances on ‘Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua’ song. They tell the audience how their children Nehmat and Naaz will continue the legacy. The first promo of the leap is beautifully shooted. Tejo and Fateh fans were left emotional.

FaTejo’s love story was fans favourite. Jasmine kept spicing the storyline with her planning and plotting. Fateh and Tejo won over all the hurdles and made way for each other. How FaTejo meets an end will be interesting to watch.

Nehmat and Naaz’s life will be complicated post they will fall for the same guy. Post leap episode is simply old wine in new bottle.

Udaariyaan will manage to attract viewers with this twist, time will only tell. Show is gearing up for major development. It is struggling with the TRP. Let’s see if it maintains to top the rating chart post leap or not.

Actor Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Chaudhary and Isha Malviya made their exit from the show. The three of them brought best entertainment. Ankit’s Jodi with both Priyanka and Isha earned the separate fan base. They will be missed from 19th, September.

For now Tejo and Fateh’s last few moments are cherished by the fans. In the most recent episode, FaTejo recalled their first meeting. Fans felt emotion and celebrate Fateh and Tejo’s first encounter.

It’s very emotional Scene When they talking about their 1st day interaction Dil Tut Gaya Just 3-4 days more #FaTejo #Priyankit #PriyankaChaharChoudhary #AnkitGupta #Udaariyaan

Share with us if you all are going to miss Udaariyan and Fateh, Tejo, Jasmine.

On story front, Fateh pampers Tejo. Both are living their dreams with their daughter Nehmat and Naaz. The upcoming will be interesting when Naaz will learn she is Jasmine’s daughter. She will get envy with Nehmat. Fateh and Tejo will decide to show the girls the right path before things get worsens between them. Will Fateh and Tejo be able to show Nehmat and Naaz a right path? Time will tell. Like said above Naaz and Nehmat will fall for same guy. The spicy drama to hit Udaariyaan.

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