Nilam Kenia on what makes her one of the best hair and makeup experts in tinsel town!

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Nilam Kenia on what makes her one of the best hair and makeup experts in tinsel town!

It was a feeling to look great which connected Hair and makeup stylist Nilam Kenia with her craft. The expert, who has worked with the likes of Sara Ali Khan and Priyanka Chopra and is currently working with Madhuri Dixit on her new web series titled The Actress, says that she loves working in her field. “As a lady, one always wants to be presentable and it was this feeling which connected me to hair and makeup. I understood that these can change the game for you and that is what got me involved in this field,” she says, adding, “Working with top celebrities is great. You get the respect you deserve as a hair and makeup artist but you must not forget to deliver your best. That is what sets you apart from the rest.”

Ask her what has been her most memorable project, and she says, “The most memorable project will always be The Sky is Pink with PeeCee. It taught me a lot and also gave me huge exposure to the industry. This was also the most challenging as it was my first huge Bollywood project and I learnt a lot of new things.”

After having worked with so many celebrities, Nilam says that making them comfortable is the key to being victorious in her field. “The process of creating an eye-catching look for celebrities involves discussing the entire look with the hair, makeup stylist and most importantly keeping the celebrity in the loop and making sure that the look is comfortable for her. Once they are comfortable, then they are able to carry off the look well,” she says.

French makeup and hairstylist Florian Hurel is Nilam’s mentor and she has learnt a lot from him. “The biggest thing I learnt from my mentor Florian is that you always have to be bang-on and deliver every single time. There are no excuses for not giving your best. I follow this advice to the T and I know that if I continue like this, I will go places,” she says, adding, “I am working independently now but when I assist Florian on a few important project, it’s always inspiring. He is such an inspiration when it comes to our craft. The passion with which he works is unparalleled.”

Ask her what is the secret of creating a winning look, and she says, “The secret to creating a winning look would be creating a look that your client is super comfortable with and can carry it with confidence and grace. When someone is uncomfortable, it shows on their face and that can really spoil a look. It is important to make sure your client is super comfortable and happy with their look.”

Talking about trends which will go big this year, Nilam says, “Hot makeup trends for 2021 would be nude makeup and easy-going hairstyles. Less is more is the mantra for 2021 and I feel that a lot of us will be adopting these trends.”

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