Nima Denzongpa 11th August 2022 Written Update: Nima plots against Sujatha

Nima Denzongpa 11th Augusy 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sujatha is busy in cooking. Virat comes there and ask her to give food. She tells him she needs time to cook food he asks her to give Momos. She nods with him and adds more chilly in chatni. She thinks that he enjoyed tasting it right he might get tears thinking about it.

Virat tastes it and demands Sujatha to give water. Sujatha enjoys him struggling eating spicy food. He asks her to give water to him. Someone gives it he drink it and thank that person. Sunita is there. He thank her and tells her he thought she is his mother in law. Sunita tells him no worries she is like his mom too. Sujatha listened third person voice and comes there. She enquires her who is she? Sunita tells her he looks like her son. She is a new tenant opposite to them.

Sujatha feels happy hearing it she thinks Nima won’t shift to there. She introduces Manav as her husband. She asks him how many years he got married? Sujatha says to her that she got married for 15 years. Sunita asks her doesn’t he know Marathi? He about to answer her but Sujatha stops him. She asks him to check the dress she was ironing. Sunita leaves from there. Sujatha takes breath in relief.

Sunita shares to Nima that she is right he looks like Virat. When did she mentioned her as Aayi she thought him as Virat. The matter is he doesn’t know Marathi at all. He don’t even understand what did she said to him. As a native Maharashtra person how could he don’t understand it? Nima tells her she is also feeling something wrong. She don’t understand he has a wife Sujatha is always not letting her talk with him. Sunita tells her Sujatha seems troublesome character.

Nima says to her because of Sujatha she didn’t get a chance to talk with him at all. She adds that she has a idea how to talk with him. Later Sujatha gives lunch box to Virat. She asks him to give a kiss to her but he denies it. Nima notices it and feels happy. She complaints to him that he used to love her a lot before accident. Virat tells her that how could he behave like that in public. Nima follows Virat behind. She stops auto. Virat gets happy seeing her there. She asks him to drop her in station.

Nima hesitate to talk with him. Both talks together. Sujatha calls Manav on phone but he didn’t attend it. Nima enquires him Is Maharashtra his native? He nods to him. She asks him didn’t he have family? He tells her that he don’t have family but his wife family considered as his. He asks her where is his native? She mentions him Sikkim.

He tells her that its a beautiful place. She asks him Is he ever visited that place? He denies it. She asks him How many years he got married to Sujatha? He tells her 12 years. She asks her how could he meet Sujatha? He tells her that he don’t remember anything. Why did he troubling him like this. Meanwhile Sujatha gets irritate when did he don’t attend the call. Her mom mocks at her she throws the phone down in anger. She says to her she is going to get him.

Virat apologizes to Nima for talking like that. He shares to her that he met with an accident 4 weeks before. He forgot everything in that accident. Nima thinks that Virat stopped talking with her after that. Meanwhile Nima says to her everything and tells her it’s her Virat. He forget everything in that accident and he forgot Marathi but not Hindi. How could Sujatha claims him as his wife? She may has anything in her hand as their marriage proof. She asks her to help her. Later Sujatha demands Virat to send meter picture to her to prove he got a long drive. Later Sunita invites Sujatha to her house.

Episode end

The episode starts with Sunita asks Nima what’s she saying? Nima tells her she don’t understand anything but he is her Virat. He don’t recognised her at all. Meanwhile Sujatha shares to her mother it’s good Manav don’t remember anything. She scared for a moment seeing him in police station. By God grace police don’t have warrant in their hand that’s why she got escaped. She fears her Manav will leave from her hand. Here Sunita says to Nima why would she think it in another way? He may looks like Virat. Didn’t she remember about Rohith? She heard 7 people will be in this world whom looks like them?

He is not Virat. Nima tells her it’s not like that she find out it’s not him seeing Rohith first time. But she gets a feelings it’s her Virat. Her eyes may lies to her but not her heart. Later Sujatha’s mom advises her to please be careful or else she will break her heart another time. Sujatha tells her this time it’s permanant her Manav won’t leave her. He loves her a lot. Her mom convinces her. She enquires him where is him? Sujatha tells her she asked him to work till 12 them only he will forget about this day and earns more money too.

Sunita advises Nima that sometimes their stressed situation may get them into trouble. She might think in cool mind. She is not discouraging her but she might think about it. Nima feels helpless. Meanwhile Manav lost in his thoughts. It’s start raining there he admires the rain. Nima comes out to take her clothes. She reminds how did Virat helped her in past. She breaks into tears and thinks she is getting his thoughts a lot. Her dhuppatta falls on Virat. He thinks that something is missing in his life. Both drenched into rain to wash away the pain in their heart.

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