Nima Denzongpa 11th July 2022 Written Update: Virat is back

Nima Denzongpa 11th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Driver informes to Police that Mona and Priyal ordered him to kill Nima and Virat. Mona asks them why should she do like this? She complaints that Nima planned this all after Virat going behind Priyal. She is trying to seduce her husband. Alok slaps her and asks her how much she stoop low? She tried to harm his brother. Priyal informs to police that Virat is alive. She shows his phone call to him. Police reveals to them that he is not Virat but Roy.

Mona shares to her that she didn’t planned to kill him. Police arrest both of them from there. Roy notices this and thinks something is wrong here. Later Alok apologizes to Nima behalf of Mona and tells her he is reason behind this all. He sent them to vacation and everything ended up like this. Nima says to him he don’t need to worry and apologized to her. Still she is hoping Virat is alive somewhere else. Gulshan calls everyone to come out. She says to her that she brings prasad to them. She enquired her where is Virat?

Nima lies to her that he went to office. Alok lies to her that Mona and Priyal went to Delhi. Gulshan thinks it’s better she went. She leaves from there. Nima says to Alok that they are lying to her. He tells her its not good to give shock to her in this age. She fears how will she share everything to her. Meanwhile Nima shares everything to Sunita and thinks that god may saved her husband too. She adds that in which hope she wears this nuptial chain and vermilion? Sunita asks her to believe in destiny. Nima asks her to hide this truth from her daughters. Later Sia gets shock to hear that Virat fired Shiva from his job. He shares to her that he has no idea what happened to him out of the blue? He only saw his good side of him. Shiva consoles her it’s just a starting we can fight together and lead a happy life together.

Roy comes there to kill Alok and says to him he won’t leave him. Roy asks him how could he betray him? Alok informs to him that he actually saved him. Nima learnt everything about him. His virat drama won’t go long. If he don’t stop like this then she will find out further who is behind this all. He shares to him how did he changed his name in Mona’s mobile and Roy’s mobile to confuse Nima. Later she informed to him that driver got caught so he put all blame on Priyal and Mona and escaped from it.

Roy says that he master planned this all and put all blame on him. He starts beats him. Roy asks him what about Priyal? What did she done wrong? Alok convinces him that Priyal is his problem not his. First we need out safety. He alerts him that Nima won’t leave him. She is trusting Alok a lot. He pays final payment to Roy and asks him to leave from here. If he return to home then he will go inside jail along with Priyal. He asks him to choose whether he needs this money or go inside the jail. He takes money and leaves.

Next day Alok informs to Nima that he is going to police state. Nima asks him what about Mona? He shares to her he doesn’t care about her. She says to him she is his wife and they have one child he might think about it. Alok tells her police caught Roy. He adds that he don’t wanna talk negative like this but we can’t hope Virat may return. He is going to collect information from Roy.

Let’s build a trust on Krish’s name. He asks him to hide this matter from Gulshan. Later Alok practices how to perform emotional in front of Nima to make her believe that Virat died. He thinks this acting is enough to make her believe. Later he returns to home to inform her Virat died. Just then Virat comes there and informs him he is back.

Episode ends

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