Nima Denzongpa 12th April 2022 Written Update: Virat takes care of Nima

Nima Denzongpa 12th April 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Mona collides with Mona and asks her if she is unable to see her. Nima says that she also has eyes so she can walk properly too. Mona asks her to stay within her limits. She says that knows that she trying to trap Virat. Nima gets angry and asks her to shut up. She adds that she knows that she was the one who put Krish’s parent’s picture in his room. Mona looks on.

Nima says that she was trying to separate Krish from Virat but her plan has flopped. She warns her that she won’t leave her if she tries to play with Krish’s emotions. Mona asks to leave. Nima goes from there. Later she notices Virat. She asks him what he is doing. He says that he wants to spend some time with his brother and sister in law. Nima asks if she can accompany her. He says yes.

Nima goes into the kitchen and brings coffee for Virat. On the other hand, Chinki asks Varun if they can do a video call. Varun lies that his friends are calling him so they will talk later. After this Varun’s friends get ready to help him. Here Virat praises Nima’s handmade coffee. Both of them spend a good time together. There Priyal is sad due to Nima. She says that she should stop thinking about Virat.

Mona asks her not to think so as soon they will teach Nima a lesson. Priyal agrees with her. She says that she won’t leave Nima time. The next morning some maids notice Virat and Nima together. They say that Nima and Virat look great together. Priyal hears this and gets angry. She asks them to work properly. Later she says that she needs to do something.

Here Paras tells Siya that Manya has gone to work. That is when he gets a call from Manya. He picks up her call. Manya starts crying. He asks him what happened. Manya asks him to come to her. Paras says fine. Meanwhile, Priyal lies to Nima that Krish is calling him. Nima goes to Krish’s room and notices that he is sleeping. Here Priyal puts something in Nima’s face wash. Nima comes to her room. Priyal hides.

Later she hears that Nima is shouting. Priyal thinks that her plan has become successful. Virat hears the noise and opens the bathroom door. Mona asks Priyal what is going on. Priyal says that soon she will find out everything. Later they notice that Nima is fine. Priyal gets angry. Mona consoles her. While Virat takes care of Nima as she has fallen in the bathroom. He puts ointment on her injury.

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