Nima Denzongpa 12th July 2022 Written Update: Alok’s plan backfired

Nima Denzongpa 12th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alok gets shocked to see Virat back. Nima shares to him how did Virat returned to home safe. Virat hugs him happily Alok asks him what’s this new drama? Virat stares him in confusion. He goes to hug his mom and talking with her nicely. Nima shares to Alok that she narrated to him whatever happened here. How did Alok helped her in the worst situation. She thanks him for supporting her a lot.

Later Alok thinks that he is definitely not Virat but Roy. Virat comes there and shares to him that he learnt how did Roy cheated everyone here. He can’t able to accept the way he stayed in his room. Alok says that Nima may believe his acting but not him. Virat shares their past things to him which make him think he didn’t shared this all to Roy. How come he know it all?

Later Alok shares to Nima he is not Virat but Roy. He is trying to fool us again. Nima denies it reasoning she feels comfortable near him unlike before. Alok asks her to test him then. He advises her to add saffron in food which will clear their confusion whether he is Virat or Roy?

Virat praises the food there. Gulshan complaints that he was scolding Nima for cooking it two days before. She don’t like the way he being close with Priyal. He apologize to her. Alok gives the saffron mixed food to him. Virat gets allergic to it giving shock to him. Nima gives tablets to him and apologized to Virat for it.

Meanwhile Mona shares to Priyal that they were punished for the mistake they didn’t done. They gets a tiffin box Mona reads the letter which sharing they are not the culprit. Soon they will be released. Mona gets happy to read it. Later Nima notices Chinky eating chocolate alone there. She consoles her that mom will return asap. Meanwhile Alok shares to Virat that man things going in his head that’s why he couldn’t welcome him properly. He asks him drink with him.

Virat denies it but agrees later. Alok tries to get the information from him but he didn’t give. Alok throws water on him to check whether he is wearing lens or not? For his surprise he scolds him and leaves. Nima waits for him in room. Virat tries to romantic with Nima surprising Alok. He leaves from there in confusion. Nima comes out to check whether he leaves or not?

Nima shares to Roy that he already left so he can stop his drama now. Roy reminds how did he cheated Alok there pretending like drinking. Roy complaints that he never expected him to throw drinks on his eyes. Nima says to him that it’s her fate to pretend like his wife and play this drama.

Nima reminds how did she overheard Alok and Roy’s conversation. She blackmailed him to pretend like Virat she will release Priyal for him in return. Nima warns him that Alok’s eyes will he on him so he shouldn’t commit any mistakes tomorrow reasoning she won’t be with him. Next day Nima gives breakfast to them. Nima suggests to bring back Krish there. Gulshan likes her idea. Virat says let’s go together to bring him back. He adds that he wanna go to office Alok tells him he will accompany him but Virat denies it.

Later Sia doubts why did Virat called Shiva again. Meanwhile Roy apologize to his business clients. Shiva comes there Roy thank Shiva for stopped him from selling the company. Shiva gets surprise to hear it. Everyone applause him. Later Roy informs everything to Nima. Nima alerts him that he should be alert always or else he will get caught.

Episode end

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