Nima Denzongpa 16th April 2022 Written Update: Gulshan humiliates Sunita

Nima Denzongpa 16th April 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Gulshan gets angry with Sunita for breaking her vase. Sunita says she will clear it now. She also apologizes to her. Gulshan says that apologizing will not do anything as she does not even deserve to buy it. Nima hears Sunita’s voice and goes outside. Sunita says that she will bring the same vase from the market. Gulshan says that this vase is of 25000. Sunita is shocked to hear this.

She says that she did not do all this intentionally. Gulshan says that her whole family is strange. One girl got married fraudulently and the other girl got married without informing. And now she has come here to live with them. Sunita says that if Virat does not call her here, she will never come here. Gulshan says that if she wants to stay here then she has to live according to her. She tells her that she has to take a bath first and wear the same clothes she will give her.

Nima comes there. She tells Gulshan that their house is small, it does not mean that they do not take care of cleanliness. She adds that no one can touch Sunita’s belongings. Virat calls Nima. When she does not pick up his call, he thinks that Nima is talking to Sunita. Just then a girl comes to Virat and asks him to buy flowers. Virat imagines that Nima will be very happy seeing the flowers.

Mona asks Nima if she will not listen to Gulshan. Nima says that is not what she meant to say. She only wants to say that they have to respect Sunita. Sunita asks Nima to calm down. She says she will go to her house. Gulshan says that she cannot leave from here and she has to clean this house. Nima says that Sunita will not clean this house.

Gulshan says that this house is hers and Sunita has to clean this house. Virat comes there and asks them what is happening here. Gulshan says that Sunita has broken her vase. Virat says that this vase is not expensive. He scolds Gulshan for her wrong behaviour. Nima tells Virat that he should not talk to his mother like this. She asks Virat to apologize to Gulshan. Virat does the same.

Sunita wants to go further from there. Virat says that she should stay here for a while. Sunita refuses. She says now that he has come home, he will take care of Nima so she doesn’t need to stay here. Virat further apologizes to Sunita for his mother’s behaviour. Sunita tells him how she used to harass Nima earlier but still, Nima never insulted her. She says Nima is very nice. Virat promises her that he will always take care of Nima. Further Gulshan comes to Nima and gives balm to her. She thanks her for calming Virat’s anger.

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