Nima Denzongpa 16th August 2022 Written Update: Nima gets s mysterious call

Nima Denzongpa 16th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manav talking with Security. Nima and Sujatha coming opposite to them. Nima stops Security from revealing the truth to Manav. Sujatha thinks who is that lady? She gets shock to find Nima there. She asks her what’s she doing here? Security asks her how could she treat madam like thar? Nima says to him she knew her well. Nima tells her she is working in this building. Sujatha demands her to say how many people’s are here? Nima mentions Virat’s family members name to her. Manav says that he is familiar to all these names. Sujatha doubts may ther are his relatives and doubts Nima may admitted him in hospital. She thinks that she wore sari so she is not that lady.

Sujatha asks him to leave. Nima gives change to them. Sujatha demands Rishi to drive the auto silently doctor advised them to don’t give stress to Manav. Manav notices Nima there and says they might give lift to her. Sujatha denies it. Manav argues with her it’s late night how will she go alone? They might think about her safety. He calls Nima there. Sujatha says to her we are staying in same area so as she will give lift to her. She demands Manav to get down from auto. Sujatha sits between Manav and Nima.

Nima and Manav are looking each other which disliked by Sujatha. She lays on his shoulder. When sudden breaks comes Manav places hand to protect Nima. Sujatha misunderstands he is doing it for her. Nima reminds how did Virat used to protect her and gets emotional. Sujatha notices his hand near by Nima and removes it angrily.

Later Sunita worried why didn’t Nima return to home yet? She notices Nima there along with Sujatha. She fears that she may caught. Nima tells her that Sujatha offered lift to her. She thank her and assures Manav that he will get well soon. Sujatha complaints that she didn’t informed her he was sick then how come she know it? Is she stay with him in hospital? Nima tells her that she noticed the would in his hand and he didn’t drive the auto so she guess he was sick. She tells her he is her husband she might trust him at least. Sujatha takes Manav from there angrily.

Virat gets a flashes of his past. He thinks who are they coming to his dream often? Meanwhile Nima also worried for Virat and thinks she wanna bring out the truth. She reminds that Virat has some wound marks behind his back. How did she forget about it? Later Nima waits for Manav in her house. Sunita demands her to eat breakfast she will kee an eye on him. Nima notices him coming she goes out. Nima helps Manav to buy vegetables. He enquired her about her husband? Nima says to him that she is searching for him but she has a feelings he is near by her.

She will find him out asap. Manav assures her it will happen. She pretends like fall he holds her on time. She places fake spider on him and alerts him. He removes his shirt. Nima gets shock to see the tattoo on his back. Sujatha notices them together. Sujatha asks him what’s going on here?

Vegetable seller tells her that he removed his shirt because something fell on him. Manav asks her what’s this tatoo on his back? She lied to him that he put it out of love. She liked it a lot. Is he forget everything. Sujatha demands Nima to close her eyes. Later Sujatha demands her mom to apply oil on her head reasoning she has head ache. She complaints that Nima giving so much head ache to her. Will she fall in love with her husband? Her mom says everyone is not like Sujatha. Sujatha lashes out at her and demands her to spit out the Paan. She mistakenly spit it on oil and applies it on her head.

Episode end

The episode starts with Manav drops Varun’s friend in front of his flat. He lies to him that he forgot his wallet in home. He asks Manav to accompany him if he don’t trust him. He shares his flat number to him. Nima thank Varun’s friend for helping her. He assures her that he said correct flat number to Virat.

Later Manav thinks he is taking too much time. He wishes to go back but thinking about Sujatha’s attitude he changes his mind. He goes to collect money from him. He gets some flashes of his past seeing his house. He notices Nima there facing her back to him. He reminds something and faints down. Nima takes

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