Nima Denzongpa 17th August 2022 Written Update: Manav smells something fishy

Nima Denzongpa 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima gets suspicious seeing the teddy bear. Sunita asks her whom sent it to her? Nima tells her that she don’t have time to go behind this teddy? Sunita stops her from throwing the gift outside. Nima convinces her and throws it on dustbin.

Next day Nima is doing Pooja in temple. She sings a bajan there. Manav comes there and listens her song. He joins the pooja with her. Nima prays god to send her Virat back to her. She about to turn but collides with Manav. He holds her on time and prevent her from falling down. Both shares an eye lock. Priest praises Nima’s voice. Manav too appreciates her song. Priest gives Prasad to them and ties raksha dhaaga on their hand. Manav gets allergies after eating it.

Nima finds saffron in it and goes to bring medicine for him. Sujatha snatches it from her and gives it to him. Nima advises him to take this medicine if he get cough again. She reveals to him that he is allergic to Saffron. Sujatha asks her Is she doctor to find out it? Manav asks her why did she scolding her? She was helping him. Sujatha takes him from there.

Neighbour praises Sunita’s cooking style. She tells her that she might welcome her with food but here she treated them. Sunita tells her she don’t mind that formalities. She tells her that she only knew her family and Sujatha’s here. Neighbour tells her she is very good nature but Sujatha is not like them. She is always have less temper.

She is not letting her family members to talk with anyone and locking them inside the house always. Even she don’t dare to open the window. Later Nima buys things from near by store but she fails to take enough money to with her. She asks the shop owner shall she give money later. He tells her he can’t able to allow it. Nima tells him she is staying here. He says to her that he won’t believe her because he never saw her before here.

Nima tells him she won’t run away taking this things. Why did he taking like this for 50rs. He talks bad with her she asks him to mind his tongue. Sunita visits Sujatha’s house. Her mom tells her that she is not in home. She informs her Sujatha not in home. Sunita says to her she feels bored that’s why came here to talk with her. She mocks at her for always staying inside house like old lady. She dislikes it and mocks back at her.

Sunita thinks that she might collect news from her so she pretends like praise her beauty. Sunita asks her why did she always staying inside the house? She can come out and talks with others right? She tells her Sujatha don’t like her talking with others. She fears that she will blabber the truth.

Sunita asks her what’s it? She lies to her as nothing. Sujatha comes there and enquires her what’s she doing here Is she need anything? Sunita tells her that she came here to talk with her mom. Sujatha says to her don’t come here without any reason. Sunita leaves from there. Nima scolds the store owner for talking bad on her.

Sunita comes there and narrates the incidents to her. Sunita tells her she is suspicious one. Nima too assures her that Manav keeps alerting her he is her Virat. Later Manav asks Sujatha why did she always cooking dhall rice? He needs something else to eat. Family members mocks at her. Sujatha throws away the food in angry and asks them to starve. Manav says to her no one mocking at her why did she taking all things seriously? He feels like it’s not his house and getting a feel like outsider. Sujatha looks on.

Nima notices teddy bear in her home. Sunita asks her doesn’t she throw it out? Nima nods to her. She hears calling bell. She opens the door. Store owner falls on her feet and give the things to her. He apologized to her and leaves. Sunita tells her she fears that mysterious person doing it all. Later Virat’s staff meet Manav and tells him office not going well in his absence. Manav tells her she misunderstood him as someone else. He doubts why did people mistaking him as someone else?

Episode end

The episode starts with Manav talking with Security. Nima and Sujatha coming opposite to them. Nima stops Security from revealing the truth to Manav. Sujatha thinks who is that lady? She gets shock to find Nima there. She asks her what’s she doing here? Security asks her how could she treat madam like thar? Nima says to him she knew her well. Nima tells her she is working in this building. Sujatha demands her to say how many people’s are here? Nima mentions Virat’s family members name to her. Manav says that he is familiar to all these names. Sujatha doubts may ther are his relatives and doubts Nima may admitted him in hospital. She thinks that she wore sari so she is not that lady.

Sujatha asks him to leave. Nima gives change to them. Sujatha demands Rishi to drive the auto silently doctor advised them to don’t give stress to Manav. Manav notices Nima there and says they might give lift to her. Sujatha denies it. Manav argues with her it’s late night how will she go alone? They might think about her safety. He calls Nima there

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