Nima Denzongpa 17th May 2022 Written Update: Krish gets disappointed

Nima Denzongpa 17th May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Nima sees that Krish is very upset. She asks him where he had gone. She says that she thought he would take care of her. She asks him why he is in bad mood, did anyone say anything to him. He refuses. Nima asks him to tell her the truth about what happened. Krish hugs her. Virat comes there. He gets happy seeing flowers in Nima’s hair.

Mona tells Chinki that she has to stop this drama. Chinki goes to Virat. She tells him that he has forgotten her. Virat says that she is his life and he loves her as much as he loves Krish. Chinki asks them to play a game tonight. Nima says that she is not feeling well so she will not play but Virat and Krish insist that she will play with them too.

Next they all divide the team. Priyal is in the team of Virat and Krish. The first question Virat asks Alok is when does Gulshan’s birthday come. Alok does not know the answer. Gulshan gets angry with Alok. Virat tells Alok that at least he should have known the answer to this question. Alok asks her to keep quiet. In this way Virat’s team wins the first round.

Then Priyal asks Mona when Chinki went to school for the first time. Mona learns the answer and wins the game. Alok asks Virat what is Nima’s favorite colour. Virat says that Nima likes white colour. Chinki asks what Virat doesn’t like at all. Priyal says that Virat does not like bitter gourd. While Nima replies, Virat does not like liars.

Virat says that Nima’s answer is correct. Alok asks Virat what is the color of Nima’s eyes. Virat starts praising Nima’s eyes. Priyal gets upset hearing this. Alok asks her to close her poem and tell the color. Virat says that the color of his eyes is black. Virat says that she is going to win this game. Mona asks Virat what time Krish was born. Virat does not know the answer.

Chinki asks Mona if she knew at what time she was born. Mona says that she knows the answer. Gulshan asks Virat which is Priyal’s favorite perfume. Virat gives wrong answer to this. Chinki asks Virat what was the first word Krish said. Virat doesn’t even know about it. Priyal further instigates Krish against Virat. Krish leaves from there. Mona says that tomorrow will be the last attack after which Krish will go out of this house.

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