Nima Denzongpa 1st July 2022 Written Update: Nima feels guilty

Nima Denzongpa 1st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima removes the bedsheet and didn’t find anyone there. Mona tells her that Krish may set like this before going to hostel. Mona adds that as she said no one inside. Nima tells her that she didn’t said someone is inside. Mona leaves from there glaring at her. Nima gets a phone call from police. Later Nima gets ready beautifully in party look and think that Virat like her get up.

Virat praises her look. Nima shares to him that someone tried to kill them. He helps her to wear the necklace. Nima says that its matter of his family members so she can’t able to do this alone. She asks him to help her and leaves from  there giving space to him to get ready. Virat removes the Bluetooth from his ears and thinks that he is keep talking in phone. He doubts what did Nima said to him and left. Meanwhile Nima overhears Gulshan talking to someone kill Nima and Virat in party.

Nima gets shocked to hear it and doubts how could she try to kill them.  Just then Gulshan comes there and praises Nima’s beauty there. She praises Virat’s look too and takes evil eyes from there. Gulshan adds that both looks good together. Virat asks her Is they don’t look good alone. She talks with him in movie style he too supports her.

Nima thinks that she wanna find out whom she is talking with? Virat asks her to stop thinking a lot and enjoys in function or else party will be over. Later Virat enjoys in party and drinks there. Nima stops him from drinking. He forces her to drink but she denies it. Nima notices Gulshan talking with someone else and leaves to overhears it. She lies to her that she wanna call someone. Gulshan gives it to her and takes it back seeing guest.

Nima’s family arrived there and noticed Virat behaving strange after accident. Nima shares her grief to them. Later Mona asks Chinky where is her boyfriend bring him asap? Varun tries to inform Chinky about anything but she rushed him to take from there. Sunita notices Varun and asks him Is he parked the vehicle. He nods to her. Chinky gets shocked and lies to Mona get boyfriend didn’t come.

Later Virat asks everyone to dance on stage. Virat asks her Nima behaving like why did she get another chance to live. Gulshan shows  step moves to her and dance like that. Chinky plays the music there both Nima and Virat dances together on stage. Everyone enjoys the party there but Nima feels strange seeing Virat’s attitude.

Even Nima’s family members feels the same there. Nima motives Gulshan leaves from there to talk with someone secretly. She watches her behind. She notices Gulshan gives money to someone and talking something secretly. Nima doubts what’s going on? Meanwhile Nima tries to alert Virat but lights turns to off out of the blue. Nima starts to shout save her. She gets shocked to see Gulshan gifted beautiful necklace to her. She shares to Nima that she got her back from that big accident.  So she wishes to gift her something like this. Nima apologize to her that she got scared due to power cut. Gulshan praises her beauty.

Nima walks from there in tears. Virat asks Gulshan what’s his gift? He demand new car to her. She nods to him. Manya thinks that he is behaving strange. Later Nima feels guilty for doubting Gulshan. She can’t able to do like that then how could she misunderstands her. Sunita comes there and ask what’s bothering her?  She narrates everything to Sunita. Sunita consoles her. 

Episode end

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