Nima Denzongpa 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Nima is in dilemma

Nima Denzongpa 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alok opens the door. Drama artist comes there Tulika pretends like talking deal with him and agrees to marry Sanju. Suressh and Nima too acts along with her. They leaves from there. Nima suggests Tulika to marry someone else today because your marriage is tomorrow.

Tulika asks her will he marry her to irritate Alok. She pretends like not interested in it reasoning he is single. They plays an drama that they are searching a person to marry Tulika. Alok says that he is here to marry her because he loves her a lot. Tulika denies it reasoning she don’t wanna trouble him. But he convinced her.

In Sunita’s house. Nima shares to Sunita that their plan going well as they planned. she thank Tulika for cooperating with her. Nima thinks that they can bring out the truth today. Later Nima visits Gulshan house to meet her. She learns from servant that they left to airport.

Nima dials to Gulshan but she didn’t attend her call likewise Chunky also. Mona suggests her to block her number. Meanwhile Sunita helps Tulika to get ready in bridal style. Suresh appreciates her look and asks her to come with him asap or else they will be late for marriage. He takes from there.

Nima calls Sunita mistakenly and shares to her what happened in Gulshan house. They left to airport if they don’t come on time then all plan will he flopped. Alok will find out all truth. Nima takes driver phone and informs to Alok thar he went to a wrong place. She asks him to go to another temple. He apologies to priest that they mentioned a wrong place. Driver notices Nima disguise like a Singh. Alok notices Tulika and Suresh reaches their on time. He thinks that Bandhu blabbered to him.

Nima shares to Sunita that she is doing this all to bring out the truth of Alok. Hope he will get caught today. She gets into traffic. She asks him to take another way to go back. He asks her to wait it will clear in few minutes. Meanwhile Tulika and Suresh waits for Nima in temple. Tulika says that she won’t marry until Nima comes. Alok asks them to stop this drama. He don’t wanna marry her. Tulika signals him to stop him. Suresh stops him and apologize to him. Nima reaches temple on time. She gets shock to see them married each other.

Suresh consoles her and says everything happening for a reason. Let’s deal this matter smartly. Meanwhile Alok asks Nima to drive the car. Tulika asks him to drive it but he denies it reasoning he just got married. Nima tells him she wont drive today. He says that he got caught today. He knows that he was playing drama with him.

Episode end

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