Nima Denzongpa 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Nima confess her love to Virat

Nima Denzongpa 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gulshan, she asks Virat why did he nods to marry Priyal she was mentally unstable it seems. Mona says that its all happening because of her. She shouldn’t have bring her sister to this home now she is ruining this house happiness.

Nima says that she is well aware he is doing this all for her sake. She pleads with him to stop doing like this. He says to her that Priyal won’t leave her if they send her to jail also she will come out from there in 5 years and creates problems to them. She is such a mentally sick person there is no other way to stop her.

Now situation is out of their hands so let’s him deal with it. Nima asks Gulshan why is she crying? Gulshan shares to her that god gave good daughter in law to her but again he gonna snatch her from her. She asks her to forgive them. Mona too apologize to her behalf of Priyal.

Nima asks them stop talking like this. She feels great full to get their love. Later Paras assures to Manya that he will be with her always. Let’s move on to London after his business get success. Manya fears what’s Priyal doing in home. Priyal getting ready in happiness. Later Nima feels emotional while recollects her good moments with Virat. Priyal is so excited to marry Virat.

Shiv says to Sia that he has surprise for her. He got bike from office. Varun asks him to take him for a ride. Sunita tells him that he will take his wife with him. Sia gets happy to learn he got a new house for them. Sia gets a call from unknown number. She attends the call and gets shock to learn the truth. Meanwhile Priyal calls Manya to inform the good news to her. Manya gets shock to see her call and ask Paras to attend the call.

Priyal informs her that she gonna get married to Virat she might attend the function. Paras asks her to stop worrying about her. Manya tells him it seems serious she will get the things which she likes. Later Krish shares to Nima that he can’t accept Priyal as his mom. Nima tells him that she is his mom forever. She assures him that god will help him to solve all issues. Krish shares that she is his god and hugs her.

Priyal complaints to all that house is not decorator yet. Still there is no work for wedding arrangements. She pretends like close with Virat to irritate Nima. Later Virat closes the door Nima asks him what’s he doing? Virat tells her that he is doing this all for her sake. He loves her a lot doesn’t she has feelings on him?

He pleads her to stop being silent like this. He about to leave but Nima stops him. She backhugs him and confess to him that she really loves him a lot. She never thought she will fall into love again and gets a good life with him. He hugs her back emotionally.

Nima adds that love is not written on her destiny because it won’t stay long. She shares her grief with him. Her destiny is like that only she wanna be alone always. She confess her feelings to him and gets emotional. She don’t deserve to be loved by anyone. Priyal comes there and notices that door were closed and evesdrops their conversation. Virat says to Nima that she is very good and deserves everything. Priyal creates problems there to open the door. She demands them to sign in divorce papers.

Priyal threatens them to sign in it. Virat tries to stop her by convincing her but she is adamant in her decision. Nima signs in the divorce paper and leave from there. Virat too sign in the paper. Later Priyal and Virat comes there getting ready. Nima’s family arrives there and gets shock to see them together. Priyal announces her Mehandi to them.

Episode end.

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