Nima Denzongpa 24th June 2022 Written Update: Nima is determined to find out the truth

Nima Denzongpa 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima, she shares to Virat that he is a very good person. Virat tells her that Priyal tried her best to apply mehandi on her hand in his name but destiny made his hand touched with Nima. He pointed out the Mehandi stain in her hand. Priyal gets irritates to hear it and questions her what’s she doing in his room in this time?

Nima tells her that she is here to give TShirt to him. Priyal asks her to stop fooling her around. Virat asks her doesn’t he doing everything for her then what’s her problem in it? Priyal demands him to hear this too. Hereafter Nima won’t sleep in Krish room reasoning he is her son.

Nima tells him she has no problems to sleep in her room. Virat tells her that she can marry him by forcing him but she won’t get his love. She adds that after their marriage Nima will leave this house forever. Later Priyal scolds Nima for touching her things. Nima assures her that she won’t touch her things. Priyal demands her to sleep on floor like before.

Nima tells her that she will never forget her place so stop trying to insult her. She won’t get affect by it all. Next day Nima notices that Krish sleeping with her and enquire him why is he here? He tells her that he searched for her and ended up here. Nima manages the situation there and convinces him. Gulshan and Mona gets shocked to see the arrangements there.

Gulshan asks her whom done it all? Priyal tells her she done it for her Haldi ceremony to look rich. She demands them to wear dress according to her standard. They denies it but she threatens them to kill the baby. Priyal thinks where is Nima? Nima preparing Haldi in kitchen Ramu thought it’s for Pakkoda and adds chilly in it. Priyal takes it from there unaware of the truth later Priyal asks Nima why did she bring different haldi for Virat. She shares to her that he is allergic to saffron.

Priyal adds that a servant well aware of her owner’s taste. She demands her to apply hald on his face first. Nima applies Haldi on his face. Priyal demands Nima to apply haldi all over her face. Priyal starts shout after getting burning sensation in her face. She asks them to bring water Nima splashes water on her face then help her to sooth her itching.

Priyal questions Nima what did she added in that haldi? Virat asks her why did she accusing her unnecessary? Priyal adds that she is jealous of her beauty so she gonna ruin her face too she spit saliva in that haldi and about to apply it on Nima face but stopped by Virat. Priyal threatens him by placing her hand on belly. Nima signals him don’t stop her.

Virat notices Ramu hiding and brings him there. He stops Priyal and revealed all truth to them that Ramu added chilly in it and throws the haldi on floor. Nima complaints that she used to put all blame on her for others mistake. She is a very good person that’s why she is forgave her often. She won’t stoop this low. Priyal asks her to get ready for marriage asap and bring her family for marriage.

Nima calls Varun to don’t do anything till she come there. She plays a drama to Priyal that she broke her anklets mistakenly. Priyal demands her to repair it. Nima lies to her that she has marriage work but Priyal adamant in her decision. She warns Nima to don’t plan against her.

Nima assures that she won’t take risk while she carrying Manya’s baby. Later she informs to Virat about it but he assures her that he will accompany her. Nima denies it and thinks Priyal is very brilliant so she can’t able to share this to anyone.

Episode end.

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