Nima Denzongpa 25th August 2022 Written Update: Nima in disguise

Nima Denzongpa 25th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima says to Sunita that got won’t leave them. Fake photo of Sujatha sticks on Nima’s sari in breeze. Meanwhile Manav gets confused reminding Nima’s words. He doubts what’s truth? He reminds how did security mentioned him as sir and one random girl asked him why didn’t he going to office now a days? He thinks why didn’t he reminds anything about his past life? He wishes to listen what his hear says. Sujatha comes there nervous and starts laughs there to get his attention. She asks him Is he thinking he is a richest person? Manav didn’t say anything to her and keeps thinking about the incident. Sujatha says to him now a days girls are like this only.

Always creates problems in others life. We have an small family let’s enjoy this love for each other. She asks him to stop confusing himself. She asks him to keep in his mind she loves him a lot. Meanwhile Nima takes her dress to change. Photo falls down. Nima about to keep it aside but she finds something this different in that picture. She checks it with mirror. Sunita asks her what’s this? Nima tells her that she used it for studying. Nima says to her this photo looks strange. Manav have two ears in this. It’s definitely computer morphing. Sunita says to her still god is on their side.

Nima says to he is her Virat. Sunita asks her why did she claiming someone husband as hers? Nima tells her she didn’t know anything about it but she is damn sure she will do anything to frame Nima as wrong. Doesn’t she created this fabricate things to make others believe her lies. Everyone accepts her words as truth. Sunita asks her what will they do now? Nima talks to someone about this matter. Sunita says to Nima it’s very risk work. How will they take his DNA samples? It’s impossible to enter into Sujatha’s house. Nima tells her it’s very risky one but she has no option then this. She might do something to bring his samples to prove his identity. Later Nima cleans the front yard. Manav also comes there to clean. Nima asks him what’s he doing here? Manav tells him that all are taking arathi to Ganesh papa but never clean the place. They might teach to others they make sure to clean their surroundings.

Manav asks Nima why didn’t she said this to him before? She says to him that she don’t wanna break someone life. She waits to find out the truth. Manav says to him he really don’t understand who is him? If he remind it then all problems will be over in a minute. Nima assures him that he will definitely gains his memories back. He tells her that he is praying for that. Kamala comes there and asks Nima Is she still behind Sujatha’s husband? Doesn’t she has shame to talk with him and maintaining relationships with him. Manav pretends like supporting Kamala and tells Nima he has relationship with Kamala because she is talking with her.

Manav says to her how it feels? We are only talking casually nothing is in between them. Later Tushar asks Saroja how dare she to slap him infront of all? She says to him he created an good image for him. He will do anything for his sister. Tushar says to her that she planned this all and accused him there. Sujatha asks him how will she inform to all that she done it all. What will they think about her then? Tushar says to her that he didn’t know why did he born in this house! He may be with them but he doesn’t have any affections on them.

Tushar walks away from there. Sujatha gets shocked to see Manav there. He tells her that he listened anything. Sujatha tells him he misunderstood something but he deny it. Manav tells her that still Tushar didn’t feel guilty at all for his deeds. Sujatha assures to make him understand. Manav warns her that he would have give complaint to police. Next day Nima, Sunitha disguises like government staffs to take samples to test virus. Sujatha didn’t let them inside reasoning no virus affected person here. Sunita says to Nima let’s report to government then they will stop all rations to this house. Sujatha stops them and demands them to do it. Nima and Sunita pretends like take their samples. Sujatha demands them to leave. Manav comes there after take bath. Sujatha stop Nima and asks her why did she changing buds while taking test to him. She says to him that it’s government rules to change it. Nima takes his hair and hides it from Sujatha.

Episode end

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