Nima Denzongpa 26th August 2022 Written Update: Sujatha is suspicious

Nima Denzongpa 26th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima returns to home. Sunita tells her somehow they takes his samples successful. Sunita adds that she fears to get caught. Nima asks Sunita to clean everything she will go to give this samples in lab. Meanwhile Nima notices room is already open. She feels suspicious and takes flower vase to beat the person. She notices almira is open already and tries to hit the person. Manav shouts Nima name and falls on her. Both rolls on floor. He gets a flashes of past. Nima asks him Is he alright? He assures her that he is fine.

Nima asks him why did he came here? He apologized to her for came there. He shouldn’t have come here but he couldn’t stop himself. He shares to her that Police mentions him as someone else. Nima mentions him as Virat. One random girl mentioned him as Sir. He was so confused by it all. When did he came here Security didn’t stopped him and open the door for him. He entered into this house without any restrictions.

Nima tells him she doesn’t know what’s going on? Whether she doing right or wrong? Manav tells her that he feels connected to this home then Sujatha’s. He feels connected to Nima then Sujatha. Nima asks him to check rest of the rooms too. Meanwhile Sujatha comes to buy the vegetables. Kamala teases her Isn’t she sleep yesterday? He tells her that yesterday government people came to home to take samples. Kamala tells no one came to her house to take samples. Others too assure Sujatha no one came to take samples at all.

Sujatha thinks then why did they came to her house? Kamala asks her to stop thinking about them and keep an eye on Manav. She saw him with Nima night. Definitely something going on between them for damn sure. Meanwhile Manav feels the house familiar to him. He notices Guitar there. She informs to him that it’s Virat’s guitar. She asks him to play it. Manav tells her he don’t know to play it all. She asks him to play it. He gives it a try and he plays it well there. His hand cuts and starts bleeding.

Nima says to him it’s bleeding. He tells her that he doesn’t know he can able to play this well. Nima tells him he will get his memories asap. Nima reveals to him that she disguise like Government official to take samples of him morning. She tells her that she wanna find out who is he? That’s why they pretended like this to bring out the truth manav tells her that he would have helped her. Nima says to him that she is not a person to break his others heart.

She says to him that only 5 days remaining she will get a result in these days. Manav tells her that he can’t able to live there pretending to be someone else. Nima asks him to wait 5 more days. Meanwhile Sujatha thinks if Nima is not in home then it’s confirm she went out with Manav. She checks her house and finds out Sunita is taking bath. She notices the wig on floor. Their samples in dustbin. Sujatha thinks that Nima playing big game with her. She is very brilliant. She hears Sunita’s voice and rushes out of home. Sunita notices door is already opened. She thinks Nima will scold her if she find out it. Later Nima and Virat are spending each days hoping for the best.

After 5 days Manav gets ready to go to temple. Sujatha asks him where is he going? He tells her to pray for his family members happiness. Sujatha asks him to pray for her too. Meanwhile Nima praying in temple for the best. Manav joins with her there. Sunita informs her that letter came. Nima informs to him let’s find out what’s truth today.

Episode ends

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