Nima Denzongpa 27th June 2022 Written Update: Nima stops the wedding

Nima Denzongpa 27th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima shares to Varun that they don’t have enough time. Varun shares Bimla’s location to her and alerts Nima goons were aware of their face so it’s risk to go there alone. They disguise like Muslim girl and enters into her area. They somehow finds her agrees and confronts Bimla. Later Virat worries about Nima and enquires Priyal about her? She informs to him that she sent her out she will be back. Virat thinks why didn’t she return yet. Sunita shares to Sia that Varun is irresponsible he didn’t share to her he is not coming to marriage. Manya asks her Is they wanna attend it? Sunita tells her that Nima asked her to attend it so she won’t deny her words at all.

Sunita and her family members reaches the venue. Virat enquires them about Nima. Manya tells him she didn’t contacted them after Haldi function just invited them to attend the wedding. Virat about to go out search for Nima but Priyal stop him by saying its their wedding today. Virat complaints that Nima didn’t return to home yet. Priyal adds that muhurth time is nearing. Virat excuses her reasoning still 30 minute left he will return in this mean time. Priyal guessed that Nima planning to stop this wedding. She threatens Virat to don’t go. She threatens to kill herself if he don’t marry her now. Without option he agrees to marry her.

Nima asks Varun to follow their idea. She shares to Bimla it’s her chance to prove her innocence. Priyal makes Virat wear the garland. He stares the front door for Nima and doubts why didn’t she come yet. Priyal forces him to our garland on her. Nima dials to everyone but no one picking up the call which makes her suspicious. There was an accident so auto won’t move further. She starts runs from there. Priest asks them to takes vows. Nima stops them and announces to all this marriage won’t happen. Priyal asks her Is she forget about her baby?

Nima says that she forget. Priyal theatens her to kill the baby. Nima asks her to do it then. Priyal adds that she turned to mad their marriage was completed. Priest says that still they didn’t finishes Pehras so it’s not completed. Priyal asks him to marry her. Virat denies it. Nima asks Priyal to kill her baby then? She pretends like she drops the knife down. Nima breaks the flower vase and gives it to her. She asks her to kill her baby why did she waiting for? Priyal blabbers that she don’t carry any baby to kill it.

Nima asks her Is she forget about baby? Doesn’t she pregnant? Priyal nods and asks Manya didn’t she heard baby’s heart beat? Nima slaps her in anger. Manya asks her what did she done? She is carrying her baby. Nima says it’s all lie she was lying to all these days. Bimla and Doctor comes there and informs to them that Priyal whom demanded them to lie all. They didn’t done any surrogate mother process. Virat says to Priyal that he hates her to the core and shares on her.

Priyal says that she will do anything to get Virat in her life. Nima warns her that she is keeping quiet these many days for family sake not anymore. She won’t sacrifice her husband for anyone. Virat says that he is standing with Nima. Whole family supports Nima there. Suddenly Priyal starts laugh and cries like child. She says that she wanna go near her mom and dad. Mona says that they are not alive. She faints out of the blue. Nima says that she don’t believe her Virat too nods with her.

Episode end.

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