Nima Denzongpa 29th August 2022 Written Update: Nima in Dilemma

Nima Denzongpa 29th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sunita gives the DNA report to Nima. She tells her today they will learn what’s Manav true identity? Nima prays god and opens it. She gets shocked reading results are not matched. Manav gets disappointed hearing it. Sunita says to her that she is pranking her. Manav tells her that he is not her Virat. Nima says to him that she doesn’t know what is truth or lie? But this DNA samples are not match.

Manav gets emotional hearing it and takes out the anklets he brought for Nima. He tells her that he brought it for her to gift her after the result come. What should he do with this? Nima asks him to keep it with him. Meanwhile Sujatha stops the post man. She enquires him Is he finished the job she gave to him? He tells her it’s done. He won’t betray anyone after he get money from her. Sujatha demand him to give the original report to her but he deny it reasoning it’s risk. He will lost his job if someone find it out. Sujatha says to him that she can’t able to trust him so she wanna dispose it before someone watch it.

He gives it to her. Sujatha thinks that Nima tried to play a game with her but she won’t let her take her Manav from her. Later Manav about to leave but stopped. He forward his hand to shake it with Nima but she crossed her palm to him. When he repeat it she follows him. He leaves from there in tears. Sunita asks Nima what’s going on here? Nima says to her she has no idea at all.

Sujatha’s mom ask her how did she find out Nima planned DNA test? Sujatha says to her that she found out Nima threw their samples down but not Manav. She enquires about it to someone and learns about DNA test. In this Mumbai only few lab do this DNA test. No one will help us if she don’t spend money. She gave 50 thousand for it. Her mom asks her where did she get that much money? She tells her she took her chain. She glares at her. She changed the report. Manav comes there and hear it. He asks her What’s report? Sujatha lies to him she is talking about her report.

Lets consult doctor and take her report for their small family. Manav tells her no more wait he will give it to her. He takes her from there. Sujatha gets surprised to hear it and ask him Is he wanna do it in day time? He nods to her. She close the door and sits beside him. Manav tells her that he forget all but she didn’t. He asks her what’s his favourite food? She gives wrong answers to him and finally mentions momos to clear the misunderstanding.

He asks her what’s his hobby? What did he used to do for his entertainment? She lies to him that he likes watching TV. He used to ride auto for his entertainment. He tells her not at all. Sujatha asks him Why did he questioning her like this. He makes her sit beside him again. He asks her when did our marriage happened? What color dress she wore on their wedding day? She lies to him as green lehanga. He says to her it’s lie.

Didn’t she showed their marriage picture to him? She worked red lehanga in it. She says to him she forgot that why did he questioning her like this. She lies to him that she wanna go for a walk with mom. Later Nima asks Sunita to eat something but she deny it. Sunita says to her she won’t eat untill she eat. Nima says to her that she still believing He is her Virat but results are not favour to her. She decided to leave from there. Meanwhile Manav gets Nima’s dream and doubts what’s going on?

He notices so many identity card from a purse. He finds out Virat’s identity card and thinks Nima is right then why did report got changed? He opens the suitcase and gets shocked to see the things inside. Meanwhile Sujatha shares ri her mom that Manav keeps questioning her. She scolds Tushar for left him alone and takes him from there. Manav finds out the DNA report and get happy. Sujatha knocks on the door. Manav tries to rearrange the things in rush.

Episode end

The episode starts with Nima returns to home. Sunita tells her somehow they takes his samples successful. Sunita adds that she fears to get caught. Nima asks Sunita to clean everything she will go to give this samples in lab. Meanwhile Nima notices room is already open. She feels suspicious and takes flower vase to beat the person. She notices almira is open already and tries to hit the person. Manav shouts Nima name and falls on her. Both rolls on floor. He gets a flashes of past. Nima asks him Is he alright? He assures her that he is fine.

Nima asks him why did he came here? He apologized to her for came there. He shouldn’t have come here but he couldn’t stop himself. He shares to her that Police mentions him as someone else. Nima mentions him as Virat. One random girl mentioned him as Sir. He was so confused by it all. When did he came here Security didn’t stopped him and open the door for him. He entered into this house without any restrictions.

Nima tells him she doesn’t know what’s going on? Whether she doing right or wrong? Manav tells her that he feels connected to this home then Sujatha’s. He feels connected to Nima then Sujatha. Nima asks him to check rest of the rooms too. Meanwhile Sujatha comes to buy the vegetables. Kamala teases her Isn’t she sleep yesterday? He tells her that yesterday government people came to home to take samples. Kamala tells no one came to her house to take samples. Others too assure Sujatha no one came to take samples at all.

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