Nima Denzongpa 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Nima’s sweet gesture for Virat

Nima Denzongpa 2nd June 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode Nima says to Manya that she saw Vimla in the temple thus she got scared and came here in hurry. Manya says that she is not upset with her as she knows that she is trying to protect her. On the other hand Vimla calls Priyal. She says to her that it is good that she saw Nima in the temple and came to her before Nima’s arrival. Vimla asks her now what she will do. Priyal says that first she will take entry into Virat’s house and throw Nima away from there. Later Nima asks Virat to go to his office as he has an important meeting.

Virat says that but he has forgotten his file at home. Nima says to him that she brought his file and it is in the car. Virat thanks her and goes from there. Vimla comes there and says to Manya that she leaving. Manya asks her to come to her house and she will take care of her. Priyal gets happy. After this, Nima and others are having dinner. Nima wants more sabji but Mona asks her to leave some sabji for Chinki. Virat gives his sabji to her. Virat thinks that he needs to make Nima feel that she is special.

On the other hand, Priyal thinks that she needs to leave Manya’s house. So that she can go to Virat’s house and for that, she needs to do something. Here Virat praises Nima as she does a lot of his work. Virat asks her to accept his love. Sunita calls Nima. Nima goes from there. Virat gets upset. Here, Priyal spiked Manya’s tea. Manya faints. Priyal puts fire in the house. Later Manya comes to her senses and gets shocked to see the fire in the house. She calls Nima.

She tells Nima everything. Nima and Virat come to Manya’s house. Virat thinks that they should take Manya and Vimla to their house. Nima says them what will they say to Gulshan. He says that he will handle her. Later they arrive at Virat’s house. Gulshan and Mona ask Virat what happened. He tells her everything and says that from now on they will live with them. Priyal comes to her room and says that she will not this house this time.

Manya says to Nima that they are facing so many problems these days. Nima asks her not to think about all this. She says that soon everything will be fine. Virat comes there and asks Manya to take care of herself. Manya says to Nima that she should accept Virat as he loves her a lot. Here Virat is about to see Priyal’s face but Priyal hides her face. Later Nima makes momos for Virat. Virat gets happy.

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