Nima Denzongpa 2nd September 2022 Written Update: Nima shares her happiness to Virat

Nima Denzongpa 2nd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sujatha asking Virat Is he listening to her? He nods to her. Virat pretends to apologise to Sujatha to divert her. He shares to her that he shouldn’t have went behind Nima and develop his feelings for her. Sujatha gets excited hearing it. She adds that he isn’t saying this from his heart but in fear. Virat denies it and tells her it’s true. Sunita thinks that Nima demanded her to don’t contact Police to seek help. She is in trouble how she will stay quiet here? Sunita decided to contact the police to help her child.

Meanwhile, Virat apologize to Sujatha for not given heed to her feelings at all. He shouldn’t have ignored her and looked down on her love for him. He keeps talking with her to divert her. Nima enters inside and takes a wood in her hand. Virat assures her that he won’t betray her and live with her. Sujatha asks him Is he saying it from his heart? He lies to her as yes. Sujatha notices Nima coming behind her. She gets alert and placed knife on Virat’s neck. Nima pleads with Sujatha to leave her Virat. Sujatha says to her he is not Virat but Manav.

Sujatha asks Nima why is she behind her always? Is she think she can able to save him from her or she can escape from her? Virat asks Sujatha to leave her. Nima pleads with her to don’t harm Virat. Sujatha says to Nima if she kills Nima, she will disappear from his heart. If she kill Virat his heart will die forever. Nima will die without him. She will finish both of them today.

Sujatha stabs Virat but Nima comes between him. She mistakenly stands Nima. Nima strangles her neck and questions her how dare she to harm her Virat. Sunita brings police there on time. Police arrested Sujatha from there. Later, Sunita admitted Nima in hospital. Virar worries for Nima’s health. Police comes there to inquires him what actually happened? Virat narrates to him everything. Sunita prays god to save Nima.

Virat comes near god. He says to Ganesh papa that he didn’t bring ant pooja things to do pooja. He prays god to save Nima reasoning she worshipped him without expecting anything back from him. He pleads god to save his wife. If he adamant then he will remain adamant. He promised to stand in one leg untill Nima gets well.

Later Sunita informs to Virat that God listened to his prayer. Nima opened her eyes. Virat finished his prayer. Nima inquires Virat Is he alright? He complaints that she got consicous now but inquires about him. Virat tells her that he wanna lead a normal life with her without any drama. Sunita informs to them no one will disturb them again reasoning police arrested Sujatha. She killed many persons. Police mentioned her as serial killer.

Sunita asks them to live happily she will shift to Suresh. Virat demands her to stay with them. Nima too say the same. Later Sunita welcomes Nima inside her house. Virat carries her inside the house. Both tries to romance with each other. Nima’s daughter calls her and informs her Sia is expecting. Nima gets excited and hugs Virat. Nima shares her past to him and thank Virat for made her life happy. She returns to her house. Both stares each other with so much love.

Episode end

The episode starts with Nima searching for Virat and notice Sujatha’s house locked from outside. She decided to check inside the house. Virat hears the sound coming from outside. Virat tries to untie his hand. Nima checks the window but couldn’t find anyone inside. She shouts their name to get their attention. Virat hitting on wall to alert Nima. Sujatha wakes up in this sound.

Nima hears the sound and question them whom hitting on wall? Sujatha placed knife on Virat’s neck and threatens him to don’t dare to make noise. Meanwhile, Sunita shares to Nima that Sujatha may be take him somewhere. Nima fears that Virat may be in danger. She wishes to go to police station. Sunita suggests her to contact Rana he may be help them. Nima contacts Rana and shares her problems with him.

Rana doesn’t understand her situation and disconnects the call. Sunita says to her he doesn’t understand their problems at all. Nima says to her that she won’t stay quiet like that. Later, Nima pretends like enquire

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