Nima Denzongpa Weekly Update: Nima doubted Priyal.

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Colors TV’s popular show Nima Denzongpa focused on Priyal threatened Virat to marry her!

In the previous week we have witnessed, Virat advised Shiv to not run from his responsibility. He gave a new job to him. Shiv denied it but Virat said to him he was giving this job for his qualification. Later Nima was cooking in kitchen Virat stopped her and ordered pizza for them. Priyal got mouthwatering hearing that name. Later Sia got surprised to see the sorry card and he put kneel to her and apologized. He showed his appointment order to her. She forgave him. Priyal got hungry and came out of store room using a screw driver. She ate full and slept on kitchen. Next day she was caught red handed by family members. Virat said to her she was trapped by them she can’t able to escape. Later he arranged body guard to keep an close watch on her.

Mona said to Priyal she was pregnant. It was not a easy work to give birth to a child. Priyal said to her she will do anything for Virat and he was matter to her. Mona asked her to think about her life and escape from there. She shoved her and said she was dead for her when did she threw her out of the house.

Mona said she was like mom to her. Priyal denied it to made her feel she raised a snake. Later Nima complained to Sia she hidden about Shiv matter from her. Sunita returned Virat’s money to him made Gulshan felt guilty for misunderstood Nima’s family. Gulshan asked them to took that money. Later Priyal refused to eat food but Virat asked her to eat it for baby’s sake.

He warned her that he can use medicine to keep that baby alive. Later Virat got a nightmare like Priyal pointed gun at him. Nima found that Priyal escaped from her room tying bodyguards in her room. Priyal threatened to kill herself if Virat don’t marry her. They laughed at her by saying it was fake gun. She broke glass and placed it on her neck. Virat agreed to marry her for baby’s sake.

Gulshan confronted Virat for agreed to marry Priyal. She complained that Priyal was mentally sick that’s why behaving like this. Nima pleaded Virat to stop doing like this for her. Virat said that Priyal won’t leave her. If they send her to jail also she will return after 5 years and torture them. Gulshan felt bad for Nima and said she will miss a good daughter in law like Nima.

Mona took the blame and said she shodidn’t have bring her to home. Later Sia got surprised seeing Shiv got bike and new house to stay. She got a call from unknown number. Meanwhile Manya got panic seeing Priyal number and thought something gonna happen wrong. Priyal informed her marriage news to her. Later Nima recollected her all beautiful memory with Virat. She consoled Krish to accept Priyal as his mom but he denied it.

Later Virat shared his feelings to Nima. He asked her to tell him doesn’t she has feelings on him. She confessed her love to him. Priyal asked both of them to sign in the divorce papers. Without the option they signed in it.

Priyal announced to Nima’s family members that Virat and Nima were separated. They were no more husband and wife. Manya asked Priyal how much she stoop low. She asked Virat to don’t do it. Priyal said to her that her baby will die if this marriage won’t take place.
Virat asked Priyal doesn’t he agreed to marry her then why did she behaving like this? She started dancing there. Nima worried about baby and asked her to be careful. Priyal blabbered whose baby giving suspicious to them. Priyal pretended like sit there and demanded Nima to apply Mehandi to her. She asked Nima to write Virat name on her hand. Before she completing his name Priyal noticed Bimla there and rushed out to meet her.

Bimla demanded money to her but Priyal assured to give money to her. Varun saw them together Priyal tried to stop Neema from meeting Bimla. Nima signaled Varun to follow her. Priyal blamed Nima for ruined her Mehandi and demanded her to apply it on her leg. Virat scolded her. Priyal demanded Paras to play drums but Virat opposed it. Priyal threatened them with baby name. Later Nima learnt from Varun that girl was Bimla.

Nima and Virat were talking each other. Priyal questioned Nima why did she came to his room? She demanded Nima to don’t sleep with Krish. Nima agreed to her and left from there. Priyal said to Virat that Nima will leave this house forever after she got married to him.
Virat said to her that she can able to marry him forcefully but won’t get his love. Priyal stopped Nima from touching her things and demanded her to sleep on floor. Nima gave fitting reply to her and slept on floor. Next day she found Krish sleeping cuddling to her.

She advised to him to be independent. Later Priyal demanded Gulshan and Mona to wear good dress matching to her status. She pressured Nima to bring Haldi asap. Ramu mistakenly added Chilly in it thinking it for Pakkoda.

Nima done Rasam to Virat. Priyal mentioned her as servant and demanded her to apply it all over her face. She got burning sensation after it and accused Nima for it. She tried to ruin her face but Virat stopped her. He revealed to her its Ramu’s mistake. Later Nima played a trick with Priyal to go out.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Nima will lie to Virat that she wanna go out to repair Priyal’s anklet. She will think it’s important to not share the truth with anyone. Priyal smart enough to find out her plan.

What will happen next? Will Priyal truth come out? When will Nima expose Priyal?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.