Nima Denzongpa Weekly Update: Nima exposes Priyal.

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This week we saw Virat gets disappointed after reading Nima’s letter. On the other hand Nima does not believe that this message has been sent to her by Virat. She says that there is a big difference between what he wrote and what he did. She says that if he considered her a part of his family, he would definitely come here. Here Virat thinks that he should go and meet Nima only tomorrow. Virat thinks of calling Nima. Priyal comes there and says that Nima has asked her to pack her stuff and send it to her house. Virat says that he does not think that Nima can do all this. Priyal shows him her message. Nima gets a call from Virat. Virat tells Priyal that he does not want to have any relationship with Nima. Nima gets shocked hearing this.

Priyal comes there and gives her belongings to Nima. She says that Virat has sent all this for her. Nima says that she does not need this stuff. She says that she has considered Krish as her son, so she does not need all this stuff. Further, Priyal calls Virat and instigates him against Nima. Nima thinks that she should find work for herself. Sunita says that they should cook and sell food at home. Nima and Siya love her idea. Priyal asks Mona when will Virat stop missing Nima. Mona says that soon Virat will forget everything.

Krish missing Nima. He calls her. Siya tells Nima that the number is unknown so they should not pick it up. But Nima still picks up the phone. She is further shocked to hear Krish’s voice. She asks him if he is fine. Krish refuses. He starts crying. Nima asks him what happened. He says that he does not want to stay here. Here Virat is driving the car very angrily. Alok asks him to keep calm. Just then Nima calls him. She tells him that Krish wants to come back home. Virat asks her to come with him. Nima agrees to go with him.

Further, Virat’s car breaks down. Here Priyal learns that Krish is about to return. She tries to provoke him by calling him but this time he does not listen to her. Virat, on the other hand, is searching for a mechanic. Nima takes him to eat something. Food gets stuck in Virat’s throat. Nima helps him. Further, Virat leaves from there. He asks Nima to stay in the car. Further, when Virat comes back to the car, he sees that Nima is not there. He gets scared.

Virat gets upset about Nima. He wonders where is Nima. He sees a temple at the dhaba and says that he knows he doesn’t come to temple a lot but right now he needs them so they should help him. Then Nima calls him. Virat gets happy seeing her and hugs her. Nima asks him how did he delay so much. Virat asks her why did she come out of the car when he told her to stay in the car. She says that she went to the bathroom. Later the mechanic fixes Virat’s car.

Next they get in the car and leave for Mumbai. Here Mona and Priyal come to a tantrik who performs black magic. Priyal asks will anything happen from this. Mona is sure that with the help of this she can take Nima away from Virat. While Krish wants to be with Virat and Nima. He tells them that from now on they will be with each other. Nima and Virat say fine. Further, when Krish falls asleep, Nima tells Virat that she should return home for Krish’s well being. Virat agrees to her point. He thinks that God also wants him and Nima to be together and this time he will not let Nima get away from himself. Just then a truck comes there which pushes Virat’s car. Since Virat and Krish are outside the car, they are saved but Nima meets with an accident. Virat and Krish get nervous seeing this. Virat asks for help but no one helps him. Virat sees that Nima is bleeding profusely. He starts crying. Just then a man comes there who helps them. After three days Nima gets fine.

Nima tells Virat that she could have slept in Krish’s room too. Virat says that she needs to rest so she should stay in this room. Virat says that now it is time for her to sleep so she should rest. She says ok. Virat and Krish leave from there. Gulshan comes there. She asks Nima if she remembers her words. Nima says that she has come here only for Krish so she will leave as soon as Krish gets well. Priyal overhears them. She says that Krish is the reason behind all this so she has to do something for him. Priyal comes to Krish’s room. Priyal tells Krish that she has done so much to send him away from him but still he returns here.

Just then Nima comes there. She says that she has spoiled her life and she will not leave them both. Then Virat and everyone else comes there. Priyal says that Nima is troubling her. Nima narrates the recording to everyone in which she is cursing Nima and Krish. Priyal gets angry. She tries to raise her hand on Nima but Virat stops her. He tells her that Nima is his wife so she cannot treat her like that. Virat asks her to leave the house. Priyal asks Mona to do something. Mona tells her to keep quiet. Mona says that she should not have trusted Priyal. Priyal asks Nima to give her one more chance. Nima refuses.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Nima will try to talk to Virat. Virat will ignore her. Nima will get confused. She will ask Virat if she can go to her house. Virat will answer that she doesn’t need to ask her.

What will happen now? Will Nima find out what happened to Virat?