Nima Denzongpa: How will Nima tackle the situation?

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Colors TVs Popular show Nima Denzongpa never fails to entertain it’s audience with new twists and turns of the story. Currently serial focusing on Nima revealed the truth to Virat!

In the previous episode we saw; Nima shared to Sunita it was so dark there so she couldn’t see his face well. She shared to Manav that he asked her why did she came back? Manav asked the gents to repeat it. Nima couldn’t find out the real person there.

Nima said to Manav that she scratched his face when he tried to attack her. Manav demanded everyone to clean their face. Tushar tried to escape from there but Manav caught him. He got shocked seeing his face. He lashed out at Tushar for tried to harm Nima.

Sujatha pretended like scold him and slapped him. She asked him why did he done like this? Tushar said to her he done everything for her sake. Sujatha said to them she found out what was the reason behind his act.

She said to all Nima shifted to here searching for her husband but she was behind her husband always. She humiliated Nima in front of all.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Nima will reveal to Manav he is her husband, Virat! She will show photo as proof. Manav will get a flashes of his past. Sujatha will walk away from there.

Nima will try to bring out his truth. Sunita will support him. Nima will try to make him remind the past incidents. Sujatha will also shows some picture to him. She will warn Nima to stay away from her husband and take him from there.

What will happen next? Will Nima help Virat to get back his memories? When will Sujatha get caught?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.