Ninaithale Inikkum: Bathman changes the judge

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Ninaithale Inikkum serial never fails to engage its audiences with its unique storyline. Now the serial focuses on Dheivnaygam’s birthday and Succession competition.

In the previous episode, we witnessed that, To get customers, Preethi danced in front of the shop. Siddharth scolded Boomi who distributed free sweets to the school children. Batman hit on a plan to help Mano and Tamana. Boomi gave the sweets to the customer who doesn’t have money to pay.
Dheivnaygam announced the winner. Boomi won the second task.

In today’s episode, Siddharth motivates Boomi to win the task. Dheivnaygam announces the third task. Tamana evils move to win the third task. Tamana shares the move with Mano. Tamana suspects the third task. She seeks Sekar’s help to defeat Boomi. As per Tamana’s plan, Sekar arranges everything on the participant plate.

He clicks the pic of the ingredients and sends it to Tamana. Tamana alerts the chef. Sekar takes out the sugar from Boomi’s plate. Boomi asks for a lump of sugar to prepare the sweet. The participant heated argument with Dheivnaygam. Bathman changes the judge.

Dheivanygam motivates Boomi. Boomi finds a hint to prepare the sweet without sugar. The participant prepares the sweet. All of a sudden, the power goes off to change the sweet. Tamana changes the sweet when the power goes off.

In the upcoming episode, Vinay’s mother will taste sweet to announce the winner. She will be impressed by Mano’s sweetness. She will announce Tamana as a winner.

Who is going to win the competition? Will Siddharth change his behavior? Will Boomi solve Siddharth’s guilt? Will Siddharth accept Boomi?

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