Ninaithale Inikkum: Boomi imitates Siddharth.

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Ninaithale Inikkum serial never fails to engage its audience with its interesting twists and turns. Boomi a young salesman wins the affection of a family of Anjali sweet traders. Boomi married business-minded hero Siddharth. Earlier we saw, that Siddharth and Boomi signed in the divorce paper. The family planned to unite Siddharth and Boomi.

In the previous episode, Siddharth asked Dheivnaygam to arrange a lawyer for Boomi. Siddharth introduced the family to Sethu. Tamana’s aunt advised Siddharth to lie before the judge. A rift between Siddharth and Boomi’s lawyer. Dharshini was amazed to see Boomi’s understanding. Siddharth forcefully takes Boomi into his car. Tamana was jealous to see Siddharth and Boomi together. Santhanam noticed Siddharth’s care.

In today’s episode, Santhanam questions Siddharth. Judge advises Siddharth and Boomi to meet the marriage counsel section. Vinothini plans to stop them. On the other hand, Family helps Boomi. Boomi apologizes to Siddharth for her deeds. Siddharth yells at Boomi when she imitates him. Vinothini thinks of a plan to stop Boomi and Siddharth. She shares the plan with Tamana. Dheivnaygam asks Siddharth to drop Boomi in the sweet shop.

Siddharth refuses. To execute the plan, Tamana is waiting for Boomi. She acts in front of Boomi. She apologizes to Boomi for her deeds. Boomi believes her lies. She takes her to the restaurant for a lunch. In front of Boomi, she hugs Siddharth.
Will Siddharth notice Boomi? Will Tamana’s plan backfired? Will Santhanam unite Siddharth and Boomi? Will Siddharth divorce Boomi?

Will Krishnveni come to know Siddharth and Boomi’s divorce matter? When will Siddharth express his love to Boomi? Will Siddharth accept Boomi? All these questions will be answered. Keep checking the space for the latest update on your favorite Tamil shows.