Ninaithale Inikkum: Boomi is on cloud nine

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Ninaithale Inikkum serial never fails to engage its audience with its unique storyline. Boomi a young salesman wins the affection of a family of Anjali sweet traders. Boomi married business-minded hero Siddharth.

In the previous episode, we witnessed that, Tamana disguised herself as Boomi. Batman reached the wedding venue to see Tamana and Siddharth’s marriage. Boomi locked Tamana inside the car to marry Siddharth. Dheivnaygam and his family are glad about Siddharth and Boomi’s wedding.

Siddharth found it difficult to adapt to family life. Preeti discovered that Boomi and Siddharth haven’t consummated their marriage. Boomi and Siddharth are disheartened to see Anjali seeking ‘Madipachi’.

In today’s episode, Batman refuses to accept Boomi as his daughter-in-law. He humiliates Boomi in front of the family. Batman informs the family about the sweet competition. Dheivnaygam tells Boomi to take part in the competition for Anjali sweets. Batman argues with the family.

Siddharth stands for Boomi. He asks Boomi to participate in the competition. Siddharth challenges Batman that Boomi will win the competition. Siddharth puts forth a condition to Batman. Boomi is upset with Siddharth’s condition. Siddharth asks her to participate in the competition. Siddharth makes arrangements for her.

Siddharth takes Boomi to the temple. A shock for Boomi when her family waiting in the temple. Siddharth asks Krishnaveni to give the surprise. Boomi gets emotional when Krishnaveni informs her about the Ganapathi shop.

Boomi remembers the past. Boomi gets emotional when her dreams are fulfilled. Siddharth comforts Boomi and tells her to participate in the name of Ganapathi sweets. Dheivnaygam and his family reach the competition venue. Siddharth asks for a separate cottage.

Who will win?
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