Ninaithale Inikkum: Boomi misunderstands Vinay

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Ninaithale Inikkum serial never fails to engage its audience with its unique storyline. Boomi a young salesman wins the affection of a family of Anjali sweet traders. Boomi married business-minded hero Siddharth.

In the previous episode, we witnessed that, Tamana used this as an opportunity to stage an act in front of Siddharth. Siddharth looked for Boomi. Tamana expressed her love to Siddharth.

Boomi slapped Tamana when she tried to impress Siddharth. Boomi was surprised when Tamana and her family visited Innupu Illam with Seer. Dheivnaygam quizzed Batman who plans to get Vinay and Tamana married.

In today’s episode, Boomi learns Vinay’s love story. Vinay seeks Boomi’s help. Boomi takes this problem to Siddharth. Siddharth learns about Vinay’s love interests and accepts to help him. Boomi urges Siddharth to unite Vinay and Menaka.

Raghuvaran reveals Boomi and Siddharth’s move to Tamana. To ruin, Siddharth and Boomi’s plan, Tamana and Nalaini think of a plan. Tamana and Nalini reach Innupu Illam to ruin the plan. Siddharth and Boomi share Vinay’s love story with Dheivnaygam.

Dheivanygam plans to a register marriage for Vinay and Menaka. Menaka is happy when Vinay informs her about the register wedding. The next day, the family was busy with the nalangu function. Siddharth, Boomi, and Dheivnaygam are eagerly waiting for Vinay.

Vinay fails to come register office. Boomi misunderstands Vinay. Lokesh virgules the truth to Boomi. Tamana arrogantly tells Boomi her motive behind marrying Vinay.

In the upcoming episode, Boomi will try to unite Menaka and Vinay.

Will Bommi stops Vinay and Tamana’s wedding? Will Vinay marry Tamana?

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