Ninaithale Inikkum: Boomi performing Nalangu for Preethi.

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Ninaithale Inikkum is popular for its unique storyline. The story revolves around a girl Boomi making bakery items and selling them on the streets. She dreams of opening a sweet shop. Ninaithale Inikkum is the passionate story of Boomi dreaming to be a businesswoman. Will Boomi make her dream real? Earlier we saw, that Aditya and Nethra entered Innupu Illam to break the chain of Anjalal’s sweets. Krishnaveni decided to take Boomi back. Batman humiliated Jagadish. The family will conduct a Nalangu function for Preethi.
Now the viewers will see that Siddharth will meet with an accident.

In the previous episode, Krishnaveni decided to take Boomi along with her. Siddharth’s arrival cheered the family. Boomi firmly believed that Siddharth will accept her. Dhevinyagam approached Siddharth with a divorce paper. Boomi announced Preethi’s pregnancy to the family members. Preeti agreed when Siddharth decided to live separately.

In today’s episode, Jagadish and Preethi approach Dheivanygam. Dheivanygam and his family try to convince Jagadish. Dheivnaygam scolds Bathman for hurting Jagadish. On the other hand, Nalini hatches a plan to make Siddharth sign the divorce paper. Siddharth advises Jagadish as he decides to live separately. Jagadish changes his decision. Arunachalam and his family take part in the Nalangu function. The family performs Nalangu for Preethi and Jagadish. Preethi’s grandmother stops Boomi from performing Nalangu for Preethi. Later, Boomi and Siddharth perform Nalangu for Preethi.

In the upcoming episode, Siddharth will be in dilemma. Siddharth will meet with an accident. What will Siddharth decide? Will Siddharth sign in the divorce paper? Will Siddharth accept Boomi? Will Boomi save the family from Nethra’s conspiracy? All these questions will be answered. Keep checking the space for the latest update on your favorite Tamil shows.