Ninaithale Inikkum: Boomi scares Siddharth

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Zee Tamil’s daily soap Ninaithale Inikkum serial never fails to engage its audience with its interesting twists and turns. Boomi a young salesman wins the affection of a family of Anjali sweet traders. Boomi married business-minded hero Siddharth. Earlier we saw, that Siddharth and Boomi signed in the divorce paper. The family planned to unite Siddharth and Boomi.

In the previous episode, Gopi reassured Boomi. Dheivanygam hesitated when his lawyer asked for Boomi’s Athurasam. Boomi accepted it. Dheivnaygam informed Siddharth when Boomi cuts off her finger. The lawyer shouted at Siddharth when he delivered Athurasam. Boomi hurt while keeping the coffee on the table. Boomi narrated a ghost story to the family.

In today’s episode, The family fears the worst with Boomi’s ghost story. Siddharth fails to believe Boomi’s story. Boomi gives a challenging task to Siddharth. Siddharth decides to take part in the challenge. Boomi asks Siddharth to bring one object from the reuse room. Siddharth accepts the challenge. Boomi agrees when Siddharth puts forth a challenge. To scare Siddharth, Boomi is disguised as a ghost. She followers Siddharth. Siddharth fears the worst when Boomi walks her and there. Siddharth takes a object and is about to leave the place.

Boomi comes in front of Siddharth. Siddharth faints and falls. Dharshini, Jagadish, Logesh, and Vinay take Siddharth home. Boomi feels guilt-ridden about her action. Siddharth finds the ghost mask on the balcony. He shouts at Boomi. Boomi apologizes to Siddharth. Jagadish locked Boomi and Siddharth in the balcony.

Will Krishnveni come to know Siddharth and Boomi’s divorce matter? When will Siddharth express his love to Boomi? Will Siddharth accept Boomi? Will Boomi save the family from Nethra’s conspiracy? All these questions will be answered. Keep checking the space for the latest update on your favorite Tamil shows.