Ninaithale Inikkum: Boomi thanks Siddharth

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Boomi seeks Siddharth’s help / Zee Tamil’s daily soap Ninaithale Inikkum serial never fails to engage its audience with its unique storyline. Now the story concentrates on Navaratri’s function.

In the previous episode, we witnessed that, Tamana married Batman’s son. Siddharth refused to accept Madhan. Dheivnaygam and his family organized a reception for Tamana and Madhan. In the reception, Tamana learned the truth about Madhan. The family arranged a nuptial night for Tamana and Madhan in Siddhartha’s room.

Anjala asked Boomi to make arrangements for Navarthri. Batman asked Dheivnaygam to give chance to Tamana. Dheivnayagam gave a task to Boomi and Tamana. Boomi sought Siddharth’s help to arrange a ‘Golu’

In today’s episode, Tamana breaks Boomi’s Golu to win the challenge. Boomi shares Tamana’s deceit with Siddharth. Dheivnaygam and the family reach the temple to bring the kalasam. Tamana fails to answer the question asked by the lady. The lady is impressed by Boomi’s response. In the first task, Boomi wins.

Dheivnaygam informs the family about task two. Tamana wishes to win Boomi. Boomi seeks Siddharth’s help to win the task. Siddharth refuses to help Boomi. Boomi plays Siddharth’s guitar to win Tamana.

Siddharth changes his decision. Siddharth teaches the song to Boomi. Siddharth scolds Boomi when she worries about household chores. On the other hand, Tamana practices the of to defeat Boomi.

Who will the task two? Keep checking the space for the latest update on your favorite Tamil shows.